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  • miserable bloody mtber's……..

    I shouldn't have bothered opening this thread but as I have can we make it a sticky, it might save people the trouble of posting the same thread time and time again.

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    Went for my first ride at Aston Court/50 Acre Wood last night and I have to say all the guys and girls I bumped into were extremely chatty, giving advice on routes and where to ride.

    Its simple really if you want strangers to talk to you ask them questions and listen to their advice and before you know it a conversation will emerge before your very eyes 😯

    yes Kona.. 😉 but they can still 'nod' or smile (just occasionally as we fly past ech other ! its free to give a nod (isnt it ?) i dont know now…may be not in this day and age :wink:….. anyway to all miserable sods :roll:…lighten up – its fun out there…. 😆 :mrgreen:


    For some reason certain riders will ignore you if you're not part of their 'tribe'. There's a roadie I pass from day to day (white team kit 🙄 ) On my mountain bike I gave a cheery good morning and was ignored. The next day on my road bike he responded.

    Go figure

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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