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  • Mirrorless Changeable Lens Cameras
  • Premier Icon rs
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    Thinking about buying one of these, currently reading all the online reviews but lets hear some real world experiences. What have you got, do you like it, would you change it for something else? And lets see some biking pics if you have any…

    Premier Icon molgrips
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    Ask on the other forum, there are a fair few users on there.

    Premier Icon beicmynydd
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    Ive got a Panasonic gf1, ditched my DSLR as it’s easy to carry in my pocket or with the bike. 12MP and raw format it’s ideal.
    Does not have a view finder but I got used to it, the only draw back is that the shutter response is slow for action shots for this I dust down my Nikon.
    The new Fuji micro four thirds looks promising see it here

    Premier Icon SimonR
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    Looked at mirrorless/interchangeable but then saw this which probably would suit me better for the sort of stuff I want it for. Only previews currently – no reviews as yet …. not sure what the release date is.

    Premier Icon epicyclo
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    beicmynydd – Member
    …The new Fuji micro four thirds looks promising see it here…

    I’ve just bought an X10. Liking it so far. It’s getting more use than my SLR – far handier to carry.

    Premier Icon PePPeR
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    I’ve got an Olympus EP3, it’s taking over from my bigger Olympus cameras as it’s so much easier to carry around.

    Olympus are bringing out a New OM-D camera called I think the EM-5, this is a small water resistant M4/3 camera and I might end up selling all my kit to go full micro 4/3.

    Premier Icon soulman
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    Ive owned a panasonic g1 and gf1, great cameras if you can live with their limitations. I preffered the g1 as i found it difficult to live without a viewfinder, went back to a dslr in the end for faster AF and better dynamic range for my landscape work.

    May well get a g3 as a carry constantly camera in the future….

    Premier Icon aazlad
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    Olympus Pen EP1 here. Hardly ever touch my Nikon DSLR. love it! Avoid the plastic shell EP-L if you want full metal case. I bet the internals are very similar though. Mine has survives two years of riding in a Camelbak (protected by small Lowepro case). Next investment is the new Olympus fast prime lense.

    Mirror less is definitely the future for serious amateurs/semi pro.

    Premier Icon messiah
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    Linux gf1 user. With the pancake lens it’s little bigger than a compact but so much better. In my case the limitations are with the user…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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