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  • samuri

    You know those stone/marble tiles you get in posh hotel lobbies? Big eff off ones about 50cm squared, buffed up to a glass like finish.

    Where can you buy them from? And I’ve looked at normal tile shops but it’s hard to tell by looking at a website just how polished, decadent and shiny they are.

    We need enough to cover 4×4 metres.


    Bedroom roof?


    ceiling, surely, roof wouldnt be much use.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    a lot of those big areas are actually poured (ie. it arrives as a liquid with stone chips in it) and/or polished on site rather than being like that to start with.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    why not just lie on your back on the floor as girlies walk past for that authentic “upskirt” shot?



    That’ll be quite a small ice skating rink won’t it?

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    I have used this firm in the past http://www.harris-tiles.co.uk/index.htm

    They are the importers for lots of other people so I’m sure they could point you in the right direction if not supply.

    Sort of on your way to Llandegla for you 😉


    well thanks for all your help. It’s for a conservatory floor. We’ve looked round a few examples and one had tiles like this in , and they said they bought them as tiles, and it looked great. Especially when the householders wife walked in….oooh.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Did you push her outs of the way and shout ” **** me you nearly fell down that crevasse”

    Premier Icon Richie_B

    When your buying kit like that the balance between the cost of buying and the cost of fitting swings dramatically. Marble floors are how shall we say somewhat awkward to lay, because your working with narrow/none existent joint widths and marble is easier to stain with grout/adhesive etc than you would imagine. Also your average tile cutter won,t touch the stuff because its so much thicker/tougher than average. Have done quite a lot of tiling myself but would definitely get someone professional to tackle something like that.


    It can be hard trying to find similar products as used in large grand buildings, the architechs have access to materials which the general public will never see in a shop.

    Try the more up market tile shops, you will have more chance of finding something you require then its just a case of finding out the make and model of tile and google the results until you find somewhere at the right price!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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