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  • Minion DHF or DHII on the rear
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    I’m thinking of doing the same. I’ve gone to a DHF 2.5″ 3C/EXO on the front and am thinking of going for the 2.3″ EXO DHR2 for the rear. Currently running the old front 2.35″ 60a DHF which works nicely but will be giving the DHR2 a go soon..

    Watching this with interest.


    I’m currently running a DHR2 dual ply on the rear teamed with either a dhf or a der baron up front on the dh bike, the DHR2 is nothing like the original god awful DHR, it’s a great tyre, glad i took a gamble on it. They also size up more realistically to the numbers on the sidewall unlike the older maxxis tyres.


    HR on the back. Its probably an actual law. Lots more grip on steeps with the brakes on.


    Some of the top guns at Fort William were running DHR IIs front and rear


    I’m sure this has been done loads of times before but can’t just find them so……. off to Leas Arcs in a couple of weeks and can’t decide which 2.35 dual ply versions of the above to run. I know everyone sore by DHF’s on the rear but with the new DHR II has this changed.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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