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  • Premier Icon deadkenny

    wwaswas – Member
    A mixing desk and tables seems a bit extravagant.

    Essential I’d say. Got to lay down some beats for the GoPro footage.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    It now feels a lot lighter, so no need for a new carbon frame

    haha – put it all back in then, quick!

    Premier Icon njee20

    Essential I’d say. Got to lay down some beats for the GoPro footage.

    Meh, just download a bit of AWOLnation and have done with it. This is essentials, I think the desk and tables are merely ‘nice to haves’.

    But, are limit screws really likely to go iffy?

    +1, I have never ever adjusted mech screws on a ride!

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    I probably carry too much but I’m paranoid…

    All in a Dakine Nomad:

    Mini Topeak Multitool (with Torx)
    Park Chain Tool
    Round plastic HTII tool
    Spoke Key
    Tyre Levers (Topeak Shuttle Levers)
    Leatherman Wave

    2 x Tubes
    Tyre Boots
    Quick Links
    Few bits of chain
    Chain ring bolts
    Spare cleats and bolts
    Random bolts
    Chain Lube
    Bit of Rag

    Other stuff
    Blinky lights
    Space Blanket
    Emergency Clif Bar (always out of date)
    Clothing to suit season/weather (generally at least a spare layer and a jacket if it’s not already raining.)
    Asthma inhaler that i haven’t used for a decade.
    Hayfever tablets in summer
    Ibuprofen (unless i have robbed it and forgotten to replace it.)

    I have also been known to carry a spare rear mech and rotor with me but that was not in the UK and in the middle of nowhere.


    You lot are madder than a bucket of frogs, it’s a bike ride your not spending a week with Bear G, get a grip!

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    I love the idea of Imodium . If you sh*t yourself just go home

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I think we all need to come up with more important stuff that BillOddie shoudl add to his bulging backpack.

    I’ll start: Sandwich bag with a decent bit of bog roll in and/or small pack of baby wipes for al fresco defecation.


    Tyre lever x 2
    sticky patches
    tube (road bike)
    5mm allen key
    mini pump
    couple of pound coins

    fit in a little seat pack for the road bike, or if I go on the cross bike
    mini pump
    tubular gloop

    Or singlespeed

    walk home


    A couple of things I have in addition
    Leatherman Squirt
    A couple of those hand wipes from KFC etc.
    Velcro cable tidys excellently useful.

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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