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  • motivforz

    Seeing the other thread reminded me, out on a ride today and my rucksack pump gave up like an asthmatic whiney thing (I am an asthmatic whiney thing so am allowed to say that).

    Would like a decent quality pump to last a while, fit inside a camelback sized bag, and fairly quick at pumping up as I seem to frequent the puncture crowd.

    Borrowed a topeak and seemed quite good, experiences of any others or models in particular? Thanks

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Topeak Mountain Morph

    I swear by the Crank Brothers Alloy Pump. It is well made and has the advantage that it has two settings, one for high volume and one for high pressure which is a god send when you have a large volume tyre and want more than 15psi in it!



    mountain morph

    Premier Icon stuartlangwilson

    Topeak Mountain Morph.

    Mountain Morph


    wow, fairly conclusive so far!


    Topeak Mountain Morph.


    Leyzene Alloy drive medium. I have a mountain morph and have never taken it out of the house as the Leyzene is more compact and lighter to carry – half the weight


    Topeak Mountain Morph.


    I use a lezyne mini pump. Can’t fault it.

    Lezyne pressure drive mini pump FTW


    Hate mini pumps my self they always seem to break and a slow to pump up. Get an old style mt zefal just as light and fits in my camel back nea bother.


    Mountain morph, mines 5yrs old, been hammered by all and sundry and still works fast and easily,

    Lezyne alloy drive. So nice to use it almost makes punctures a pleasant experience!

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    Another vote for the Mountain Morph, great bit of kit


    lezyne. once you have had a pump with a clever adaptor hose that doesnt lose air or bend the end of your presta valves you will never go back


    blackburn mini mammoth

    Premier Icon doom_mountain

    Lezyne Pressure Drive Medium.
    Works well, looks pretty, dead light.


    Mountain Morph, just be careful you dont snap the footplate, it’s pretty flimsy for a piece of outdoors kit.

    2-3 pumps per 1lb PSI I reckon, not bad on a cold day when you dont want to be hanging around.

    To be fair, the Lezyne one looks a good buy too.

    I’ve got a Road Morph, it is sweet.


    Lezyne alloy drive.

    This is the crappest pump I’ve ever known, I could fart up a dingy faster than this blows up a crips packet

    Another vote for Mountain Morph.

    Also got a Specialized Airtool on hack bike which has been pretty good value.


    Lezyne alloy drive for me too.

    Another vote for Lezyne mini. Well thought out, well made and light weight. Moves a lot of air despite it’s size.

    £2.99 one from Decathlon FTW.

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    mountain morph about 3-4 years old, not a thing wring with it, plenty of use.


    +1 for mountain morph


    +1 Lezyne alloy drive medium. Light and robust. Approx 120 reps to inflate 26×2.1 (mileage may vary).


    Does anybody fancy taking part in a scientific experiment?
    This is a massive ask, as punctures are a pain in the arse, so I am expecting no responses, but hoping for a couple, just out of interest.

    Deflate, then inflate a tyre, timing the inflation time. Providing the following information to the forum:
    A) Pump
    B) Tyre (size + model as tyres vary so much)
    C) Gurnage scale of how much effort you put in, from 0 (calm summers day) to 10 (full on gurn, veins popping out, panting, and mildly moist)

    This has the potential to be a thread killer 😆

    Ben, I had one of those, the only duff thing 18 Bikes have ever sold me, useless.


    Duh, and D) time!

    You already know what i’m going to recommend but i’ll say it anyway.
    +1 Mountain Morph (I’ve got the turbo version which has the gauge)

    had a topeak dx harpoon which was alright, looked cool but average pumping.
    then had a crank brothers power alloy pump which just was crap, high volume/high pressure switch which worked but it lacked power and took ages.
    mountain morph is great, bit long and foot seems a bit pathetic but speed and ease of pumping is fantastic. the gauge works well and although small is clear enough. Brilliant.

    /edit motivforz – the other pumps are at the parents house but as an approximation of mine with 2.3 high rollers:
    topeak harpoon – gurnage = 7, time = 2.5 minutes
    crank bros – gurnage = 9, time = 5 minutes
    topeak mountain morph gurnage = 2, time = 45 seconds.


    Lezyne Micro Floor Pump here tis a thing of beuty


    I’m not that impressed with my Blackburn Mammoth 3, its not bad for the mtb, but when I was out on a road ride trip a while back, it couldnt cut the mustard with 100psi (well anything over 60 really). It also has a tendency to bend the presta valves.
    My mates Topeak racerocket was far better, so I expect that Mountain Morph is even better. The trick is they have a flexy hose to the inner, instead of clamping straight on. It allows you more maneuverability when pumping hard 8)

    I also got my brother a Lezyne pressure drive to replace his full-size pump so he can have two bottle cages on his roadbike. He’s been doing a few hundred miles a week on old tyres and consequently had a ton of punctures recently. Anyway, he really likes it!

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