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    anyone heard about this?

    its on my doorstep so tempted to enter.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Just got this back from the organisers:

    It’s more cross-country based – so the timed stages contain a mix of up and down hill, and vary in length between 2 and 8km. 95% of the entire route is off-road.

    The route will be going from Princetown, down towards Burrator. We have managed to negotiate special access with SWW to ride a couple of stages around Burrator forest too.


    looks like the standard princetown – burrator loop to me


    So £36.50 to ride on trails that I could go and do anytime for free?
    Umm, thanks but no.
    I must admit to not really getting the idea of these Enduro (especially XC) type events.
    Trailquest or Polaris style ones with an element of route finding maybe, but an XC ride with timed stages? Especially with a completion time of 6 hours for 37km (4mph? Though obviously that’s the slowest you could do it in)
    I’d rather just go for a ride 😀


    Stages will take place on bridleways, tracks, open moorland and through forested areas around the Princetown and Burrator area.

    So its not a race then? I though only offroad soprtives, like the wiggle super series used bridleways.

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    routes published. looks dull. think i’ll pass….

    Would make a pretty decent XC day. Confusion over the term “Enduro”?


    it would make a pretty standard xc day imo.
    but i guess when its on your doorstep you know so many better places to go ride.
    but jambo +1 i’ll pass.

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