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  • mini cool bag?
  • crikey

    I’ve got a smallish one, about as big as…I’m struggling to suggest a household item for comparison, it’s the one in this pic.

    Manchesterish, you can have it for nowt.

    Edit; Like a small breadbin.

    Do you keep the lifeguard hat cold in it and then take it out to cool the head down over lunch? 🙂

    (Sorry, it just looks like a hat.)


    It is a hat; it’s for cooling people down after they’ve had a cardiac arrest.

    The bag is just a smaller cool bag though, nothing fancy..

    Therapeutic Hypothermia…


    I use a Frio for my insulin.
    Or, I got the wife a small cool bag from TKMax.


    I am going away in a few weeks and am on some medication that needs to be kept cool

    Anyone know where I can get a tiny cool bag?

    I don’t want to be lugging one of those big buggers about as I’m travelling by train and want to pack lightr


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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