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  • Mineral spirits in park tool chain cleaner?
  • Premier Icon yohandsome
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    Good idea or use something else?

    Premier Icon greyspoke
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    I tried it with White Spirit and it worked, stopped because of the smell and faff with cleaning the thing after. I suppose a distilled version like camping stove (petrol like vapour pressure) or lamp (diesel like vapour pressure) fuel would get round the smell, but be expensive. Fire risk as well. Water-soluble or miscible stuff is convenienter. I currently use Citrus degreaser and water 50:50, followed by water x2.

    Premier Icon bigrich
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    petrol is nature’s degreaser

    Premier Icon granny_ring
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    From memory nothing works as well as Parks stuff but not spending that much on getting more of it lol.
    I use degreaser in it when I use it. Usually take chain off and put in 1L milk container with degreaser and shake baby shake. Better job than the chain cleaner.

    Premier Icon fazzini
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    Used to use a chain cleaner. Don’t bother anymore too much faff. If a chain needs real attention its as per @granny_ring method and No Nonsense degreaser from Screwfix.

    Premier Icon tall_martin
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    I use paraffin. I’m not sure if it is the same as mineral spirits.

    My family had a huge bin of it for cleaning lorry bits when we had a haulage firm.

    30 seconds in the cleaner removes a month of commuting grime.

    I’m too lazy to remove a chain to clean it.

    Premier Icon Rockhopper
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    I use Swarfega drive and patio cleaner. Dead cheap from screwfix but don’t soak parts in it or it’ll take the anodizing off.


    Premier Icon 13thfloormonk
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    I tried White Spirits in a chain cleaner, cleaned amazingly but splatters a white spirit/oil mix all over your frame/surroundings, which you then need to clean off (not being water soluble of course).

    Unless I was doing it wrong it seemed like a really really messy way to clean the chain. At least degreaser is water soluble and the stuff I use is also biodegradable so I feel less bad about hosing it off and straight down the drain!

    That said, I’ve got a white spririt pot which I use more often, break chain, dunk, shake around, soak etc. then take out. Only do this if preparing chain for a new lube or something.

    Premier Icon breninbeener
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    I use virosol which is an alkaline floor cleaner and degreaser.

    It comes from a local cleaning company, about £7 per 5l. It lasts ages in a chain cleaner. Easy to wash off and you can use it as a vehicle alloy wheel cleaner as its high pH


    Premier Icon easily
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    Someone put a video up a couple of weeks ago that had a recipe for chain cleaner – it was one part baking soda, one part washing up liquid, two parts water.
    I tried it in my chain cleaner and thought it worked great.

    Premier Icon ac282
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    If you put mineral sprits in a chain cleaner how are you rinsing it off? Rinsing it down the drain is not a great idea.

    Premier Icon reggiegasket
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    paraffin here too. It’s about £7 for 5 litres, I think.

    Premier Icon argee
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    Trichloroethylene, preferably in a vapour tank, anything else is just a substitute.

    Premier Icon smiffy
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    Easy to wash off and you can use it as a vehicle alloy wheel cleaner as its high pH

    Don’t you want low pH to clean alloy? the ones you buy specifically for that job are acid, as alkali dissolves aluminium.

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