Miles Crash

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  • Dibbs

    I suddenly remembered this the other day, I expect quite a lot of newer forum members won’t have seen it.
    Poor quality video compared to todays.


    What was the outcome, I’m guessing he survived but how broken?


    That’s what happens when you ride a singlespeed with SPDs off-road. He would’ve cleared it easily on 160 mm All-Marketing bike with flats

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    I think Joey’s OK!

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    Now i don’t think you wanted to do that.


    Reminds me of Ouster Rake in the Trough of Bowland…


    Ah “look at the penalty for failure, dude”

    Yep, I remember that doing that rounds back in the day.

    “Sit down Miles until you know everything’s connected!” If your mates shout that to you from 100ft up then you’re best staying where you are for a mo 🙂

    Reminds me of Ouster Rake in the Trough of Bowland

    sweat memories – I broke a bone in my hand crashing on that,
    near the bottom thanks to a rabbit hole.

    The transcript is the best bit…

    Eric: Oh ****,…Thats a hell of a drop Miles
    Miles: I know it thats why
    Eric: Oh shit that a hell of a drop
    Eric: There went my derailuer again
    Eric: Be careful thats a hell of a ..Up
    Eric Oh shit
    Bill: Oh My..
    Eric: Oh no
    Eric: Oh ****
    Eric: Oh Hell
    Eric: Oh Shit

    Miles: Oh **** ME (While still rolling down the hill)

    ERic: Ohh
    Eric: Are you alright?
    Eric: Did you film it?
    Bill: Yeah
    Eric: O Shit
    Miles: Not really

    Eric: Dont..Hey
    Bill: Hey Sit down sit down Sit down
    Eric: Sit down one minute miles until you know everthing is connected
    Bill: Sit down

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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