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  • bland

    Heart sank when I woke up this morning. Having known mike since uni days I’m totally gutted.

    He went doing what he loved, his friends all know that, but such a loss to everyone in the cycling world.

    Not looking forward to the trip to Harrogate

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    Such sad news.

    Thoughts are with his family and friends now.

    Premier Icon dthom3uk

    Terrible news. He was such an inspiration to so many cyclists.

    RIP Mike

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Sat here with a tear in my eye for someone I never met, never knew except through their cycling achievements.

    I think the reason why is that people like Mike always showed us that pushing beyond what you thought was possible isn’t easy but it can be done.

    That last mile ridden hard, that last climb done out of the saddle might be all I can do to stretch myself, to achieve more than I thought I could but it’s people like Mike who make me believe it’s worth trying.

    Worth the risk of failing, not achieving.

    I’ll get the chance of another last mile, another final climb and now Mike won’t.

    Which is a tragedy for him, his relations and his friends and my thoughts are with all of them.

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    So sad 😥

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Absolutely sickening.
    RIP MIke.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    That is awful news.

    Premier Icon ravingdave

    Never met him. But I was always amazed and impressed by his achievements and his humility. He was an inspirational rider that for me at least raised the profile of this little known area of the sport. I will go for a ride this evening, and think about him and what he achieved

    Ride free Mike


    Very sad, an incredible athlete and a true inspiration


    Never met him but had been following the race after finding out that a guy I used to work with was also taking part this year. An awful thing to happen. RIP.


    Awful news. He was such an inspiration to many, many people.

    Premier Icon flange

    Just lost for words. I met him after the trans am at a talk he gave in Brighton. Total legend, inspiration and modest to boot.

    RIP Mike, you’ll be missed


    Only met Mike a couple of times, at Strathpuffer and a talk, but have always followed his flashing tracker at TCR, Tour Divide and the like, i sat there last night watching his SPOT tracker not moving and as i went to bed at midnight, the news was they thought it was a motorbike and that Mike was stuck in the traffic.

    I hate that faux sentiment you see on Facebook and the like, but i can honestly say that only twice in my life has the news of someone passing away hit me in the gut and genuinely make me shed a tear, when John Peel died because he was music to me as a lad, and working 14 hour shifts in a kitchen he soundtracked my late hours and the news this morning of Mike Hall.

    I sat there and shed a tear and felt and still feel genuinely shocked, i think that anyone that as attached bike bags to their bike knowing they were off on an adventure and normal life was being put on hold for a bit or anyone that has pushed their body harder than they thought possible and been on the bike at 5am with their mind playing tricks, could do nothing but hold Mike in the highest esteem and just marvel at what he achieved. The fact that he did it for little reward or recognition and whilst be a nice bloke was what he will be remembered for.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    His achievements left me in awe like no olympian ever has.
    Never met him and wouldn’t even recognise him but am really upset by this.

    Premier Icon dknwhy

    First time I’ve ever shed a tear over the loss of a stranger. So gutted today. Such an inspiration lost.

    RIP Mike.


    Incredibly sad Mike is gone. Happy for the time I spent with him. Inspired by his words and actions. Humbled by his attitude.

    I will miss him.

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    Very sad news. I heard him interviewed on the The Bike Show Podcast and he was an inspiring man in what he did and what he said.

    If you don’t listen to the podcast the link is here http://thebikeshow.net/transcontinental-race-wrap-up/

    Premier Icon joelm76

    So sad. Horrible news.

    Premier Icon tuskaloosa

    such a shame, didn’t know more much about until the recent Tour Divide. An inspiration no doubt. RIP Mike.

    Will raise a toast to him on my next ride.


    Awful news to wake up to on my birthday, don’t feel at all like celebrating. RIP a true legend!


    For those who haven’t seen Mike Hall in action, I can’t recommend this movie enough.


    Amazing achievements Mike, such a true loss.


    For those who haven’t seen Mike Hall in action, I can’t recommend this movie enough.


    Amazing achievements Mike, such a true loss.


    the fact he was such an unassuming, humble, normal guy made his achievements all the more amazing.
    No big money sponsors, no snazzy suits at award ceremonies, just total focus on the ride and what he needed to do.

    Premier Icon faustus

    I’m with you others, i’ve not been so affected by the death of a stranger before. It took me a couple of hours to realise why: he was one of my cycling heroes.


    Was devastated to read this early this morning before my ride. Have followed Mike’s dots ever since the World Cycle Race and he is a genuine hero of mine. He came across as driven, focused, down to earth, and modest despite all his achievements. My thoughts go out to his family and friends, can’t imagine how they must feel.

    Premier Icon grenosteve

    I didn’t know much about Mike until his interview after the tour divide last year, but what he achieved was incredible and inspirational.

    So sad to hear the news this morning. Thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP.

    Premier Icon spxxky

    Absolutely devastating news

    The approach to Sydney was always going to be the most dangerous leg given their attitude towards cyclists

    I despair


    Absolutely gutted.

    Mike was an incredible athlete, very modest about his achievements and remained grounded through it all. Happy to chat and have a beer, top lad.

    Met him when racing the first Transprovence. Mike broke his ribs on the first stage of day 1, but continued the race, including riding all the uplifts! Beast.

    A really big loss to the cycling world. Ride on Sir, you’ll be missed terribly.


    RIP one of my true cycling inspirations, so sad.


    Ride In Peace


    The day my hero died….

    Devastated this morning. Been watching his dot for years and over the last 12 days its felt like I went to Bed with Mike and woke up with Mike. Couldn’t have been less prepared for what I woke up to this morning.

    Truly truly gutted!


    Very very sad news and my sincere condolences to all of Mike’s friends and family.

    Mike’s achievements – following his blue dot night and day, in genuine awe – were an inspiration to me, and will continue to be.

    Ride in peace.


    so sad. one of the greats.

    Enduring memory of mike is SSUK11. A small unassuming guy, finished his pint of guiness then banged out some crazy time on the rollapulooza. Didn’t recognise him a the time…

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Don’t know if this has been shared on here yet but a just giving site has been set up for Mike’s family.


    Very sad news, saw him cross the finish line in Greenwich when he smashed the Round the World record, he seemed so humble , like whats all the fuss about. Thoughts with all his family and friends at this very sad time.RIP Mike.

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    Awful, what a waste. RIP Mike.


    That’s really shit news. Rest in peace brother.


    Very sad to read this last night. Remember Mike as a right character on the early BikeMagic forum days and was amazed and impressed reading his non stop list of feats since then. Very very sad for all those who knew him, it sounds like he did more in a short life than most people could ever imagine doing in a long one. RIP

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