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  • middleburn cable oilers ?
  • snowpaul

    anyone used these?

    i was thinking about sticking them on my full outer set up…

    opinions gladly received…



    I have some but never really use them

    Not sure how many I have but some red and some gold ones

    E-mail in profile if you want them [FREE]


    They do what they say they do. Weather they are really necessary is anyone’s guess, but they seem to make a difference to me 🙂

    Premier Icon danti

    Got them on my full length XT outers as newer Gore cables I had on couple of winters ago didn’t even last 6 months and had been fitted properly.

    They seem fine so far, making it through one winter, got 3 on the whole length and just a squirt of lube once a week or so during the winter and probably once every 2-3 weeks the rest of the time.

    Premier Icon whyter

    If you have full outers, I wouldn’t bother if you have decent semi-sealed end caps. They certainly prolong the life of cables when you are running a few sections of outer and water/crud can get in at a few points.


    I run them on my commuter and they definitely help keep things running nicely.

    For the money I’d say they are worth it.


    I’ve got them and they work. They cost £6 and make it a 1 minute job to look after your cables and keep them working smoothly in filthy sub zero conditions. No brainer IMO


    I think that they are a great, inexpensive, worth while addition to most bikes.
    I had them on both my Alfine set ups (8 and 11),it makes a difference because its a little bit of a pain to lube cable outers on a Alfine (re-setting up the gears each time).
    Now i’m back running a ‘normal’ cassette with internaly routed cables i’ll add them in when i next need to replace the cables.

    Premier Icon davemcc43

    I’ve got some on my ST4 fitted with a Rohloff and I think they are great.

    Definately recommended!



    I’ve used them now for a few years on all bikes I put together – they are excellent.
    I usually install one about 75mm from each shifter, & one on the rear mech outer on the chainstay/seat stay.
    Quick blast with GT85 every few washes.

    Premier Icon FOG

    not a massive game changer but definitely do seem to keep cables smoother longer. If you are changing cables and outers anyway the small extra expense is worth it.

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