Mid life crisis car

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  • Mid life crisis car
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    BMW M6 2007+ 5.0l V10, your choice of convertible or coupe, available for less than £20k. 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 205mph. Seats 4 with a decent boot.

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    Lots series 1 Elise are running around over 20yrs without any issue of chassis coming unglued. Never heard of this on the Lotus forums.

    Caterham’s are lots of fun but with a hard top and reasonably road biased tyres an Elise can be a good year round mid life crisis car. The supercharged ones are pretty quick too.

    Mx5 modified or not is the more sensible mid life crisis car.

    The Audi saloon seems life a bit of a mainstream choice.


    Thing is, you can’t use any super fast car. Roads are shit. Had my best fun in an Alfa 147 Selespeed, bloody handled on rails, wasn’t that fast, but stuck to the road. Great sound system. Thank god it was a company car though.. in the dealers all the time.

    I still itch for Alfa, I’d love a 3.2 Berera – lovely car… but having driven a boring Nissan for the 17 years after the Alfa, I’d not like the problems – the Nissan is a people and bike transporter (a saloon car) and just works.


    For me it would be an RS6 Estate (avant for the Audi snobs). Bloke I knew many years ago had TVR’s etc. Girlfriend had Golfs.. Ping, they got married… Anyway, he got an RS4 Avant at the time – we did joke the kids would have a funny looking face due to the G-force… I’d still have one.

    My mate’s normal A4 Saloon TDi with 190 (and 4 trail bikes on the roof) is farking quick…. god knows what the RS4’s are like.

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    While I’d love a 2 seat mid life crisis car I’m sadly too practical and just keep in thinking ‘God I’d never use it’ as with 2 young kids I rarely have the time to drive it and that would annoy me.

    Swapped out my previous one of a 3 door S3 as it was just too small for 2 kids and 2 dogs for a sensible 340i Touring Did toy with the M5 estate but got scared by the cost of a new V10 if it blew!

    Fast German barges don’t really class as mid life crisis. Given how busy roads are and needing a driving licence for work I reckon it’s all about the sound now before EV takes over which is why I really fancy a V8, but with 4 usable seats and rhd. Mustang is an option but keep looking Italian.


    Brera v6 3.2 pro drive

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    Another classic rising in value… but you have to avoid the chav’d slammed ruined ones (that are pretty much worthless) buy a boggo OEM variants.

    E46M either the cab or coupe.

    (I did own one, for a very very short period)

    I really fancy a V8, but with 4 usable seats and rhd.

    You’ve just described the Audi RS5 I opened the thread with 😂

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    Yes but it’s not a mid life crisis car. Lots of people who know or care nothing about cars can’t tell it apart from a boggo diesel version. Inside it’s not really any different to a standard model either. Great car, lovely to drive and own and probably sounds great but lacks ‘theatre’ or ‘total lack of practically’ which are key components of a mid life crisis car.

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    I’ve no idea what they’d cost, but I do like the look of the Autofarm 996. They do things to the engine and chassis. The owner’s is speed yellow. It looks fantastic.

    The 996 isn’t the best looking 911, especially the interior, but it is small and light compared to the newer ones and the ones that look good, really do (to my eye)

    Re the monaro, it probably doesn’t handle worse than an S5 and with a supercharger and noisy exhaust anyone anywhere would  know exactly what stage of life you’re in.

    For fast and four seats the S5 the op posted would fit the bill. A friend of mine has an RS4. The V8 one that was raved about when it was new. It is a great car. Loads of growl and transmission whine. He also has a speedster replica that he drives more often as it is more fun.

    I’d love a midlife crisis car, but we stated a family instead. Now I’m understanding the appeal of a Toyota Sienna. Life can be strange.

    For fast and four seats the S5 the op posted would fit the bill.

    It’s an RS5 – 4.2l V8, 0-60 in 4.5, 450bhp


    A 4 seat Audi is really not a mid life crisis car, it needs to be loud and a little ostentatious. Preferably unreliable enough to make you want to sell it quite quickly, but have to keep it to make the point. Something like a Griffith, or a c5 Corvette.
    A ‘cheap’ e60 m5 or e63 m6 fits the ‘getting cheap to buy, but cripplingly expensive to run’ criteria, but still very dad/grandad in most people’s eyes.
    There are so many fast dad cars being suggested on here, have some imagination!

    Early Cayman easily in budget. Cracking drive as well.
    R32 GTR, NSX. Both wise investments, the R32 even has back ‘seats’….


    25k will get you a 964 needing heaps of work. It’ll cost you 2k per year most years once it’s sorted, which seems like a lot but you’ll feel absolutely alive every time you drive it. I LOVE mine. You can also fit a surprisingly large amount of stuff in them. And two children.


    When I moved over here I drove my va for a while, but was always looking for what would have to replace it. I had considered, actually quite seriously, getting an Alfa 159 Sportback. Leaving aside the reputation for mechanical nightmares, they are a lovely car that is not too big and not too small, but which can also take dogs. I was partially swayed by the 159 Quadrfolia that is in our parking garage. It is mint and looks amazing.

    Sadly, cooler heads prevailed and I bought a Passat when the van went to van heaven (RIP Jimmy the van, may your spare parts help other T5 in need) and I have less of a problem filling it with random DIY stuff than I would have done with an Alfa.

    I still have the van itch though and my midlife crisis may well end up being a double cab T3 pickup. If I can find a Syncro one of those for sensible money, i may buy it just on spec.

    Could someone clarify when exactly it’s ok to have a mid-life crisis car? I’m quite keen to do this but fear I might be too early to justify it.

    Premier Icon fadda

    I actually did this, and bought a Cayman about 4 years ago.

    Echo all the thoughts above about not really using it “enough”, feeling a bit guilty about having 2 cars, impractical, can’t really use it to even half its potential etc, but by god I love it when I do go out and it has, for me, the right balance between being silly enough to be a proper mid-life crisis car and not being outlandishly expensive to run…


    I bought my 964 when I was 32, to avoid the inevitable mid life crisis ‘jokes’.
    Echo the Cayman comment above, too. A pal of mine, ten years older than me, bought himself a 2.7 987 Boxster this year. I had a wee shottie of it when we did a road trip to Czech and Austria in the summer and it was incredibly capable. More fun than folk would have you believe as well.

    Premier Icon flange

    I’m going to prefix this with the fact that I had a very early midlife crisis combined with splitting up with my partner and going contracting – all at the same time. Hence the list of cars I probably shouldn’t have bought..

    V10 M6 – it spun a shell and locked the engine up bending the crank and various rods within 200 miles of buying it and just after a new clutch and flywheel. In 3 years I did less than 500 miles in it and it cost me in the region of £20k to put it right. And this was a low mile, one owner car – not some knacker. I wouldn’t go near a V10 again and I certainly wouldn’t buy a cheap one.

    I also had a B7 RS4 which was….Ok…not crazy fast but brilliant on track. However for the money it cost to run and the compromise around having big seats (so you couldn’t fit anyone in the back) and coking up issues that regularly needed sorting, I’d not have another one. Was eventually stolen which I believe most are. I think this shares the same engine as the one in the OP’s first post – the engine is good but it doesn’t have the shove of a turbo car. Also liked to understeer on track but that won’t be a concern on the road.

    335d – fast and boring. Rubbish on track, dreadful gearbox. Mental in a straight line. not a midlife crisis car.

    135i – currently still have this, but it’s quite highly modified now (running around 480bhp) and to be honest I’ve ruined it. Probably the most practical (when standard) and just a decent little car but not a midlife crisis car (I can never tell if one coming towards me is a 135/140 or a 116d – and I own one!).

    Most fun cars I had were either a Cayman S or a 350z. The Cayman’s handling was amazing, literally the best handling car I’ve driven including my other halfs 911 4s. Could have done with a bit more poke but then that would have probably upset the handling. The 350z was a late one before they brought out the 370z. Didn’t handle as well as the Cayman but was so much fun – lazy engine, LSD for skids and looked mint. Utterly impractical – if I had to go away on business I’d have to unpack my case in the boot, fold the case up then repack it once I got to the airport – but so so much fun. They’re a bit old now so I’d be looking at a 370z with the manual box.

    TL:DR – Cayman S or 370z

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    The correct answer is a motorcycle of course. This was/is the centre piece of my MLC. In all seriousness the process has been very rewarding, filling a life long ambition, and giving a new respect for learning a bit more roadcraft. Also you don’t need to strap yourself to a missile to have fun.

    If I was to go for a car if probably prefer to sink the cash into bringing something back to life even if I wasn’t doing it myself, there is a rather lovely black stacked headlight Merc on eBay that needs some TLC. Perfect 👌

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    Not a mid life crisis but a V8 story. Disco (3 or 4, not sure which one) was in front of my at a junction while I was cycling, pair of twin pipes at the back. Hoofed it off trying to make a gap, lovely V8 burble coming from that. Much better than a diesel job

    Noise is a big factor, it’s why EVs are hard to get excited about




    Noise is a big factor, it’s why EVs are hard to get excited about

    ^This. Which is why, despite them being neither particularly powerful, or fast, a Morgan 3-wheeler is right up there on my list of “want”.

    More nowadays than every unless you want to spend your mid life crisis on a race track (which is a whole other can of gammon) having something that is very fun at very legal speeds makes terrific sense.


    Could someone clarify when exactly it’s ok to have a mid-life crisis car? I’m quite keen to do this but fear I might be too early to justify it.

    Would need to be before 40 and only really counts if you haven’t had those sorts of cars. If you spent 20 years driving a Golf, Focus etc,. then suddenly buy a Ferrari when you hit 50 then that is a sign.
    Whereas if you drove Porsches, Caterhams and the like from age 20 onwards you can’t really have an obvious mid life crisis car. That sort of person (me) would have to get a motorbike for the first time in their life. I haven’t done that yet so can confirm no mid life crisis here (also no hankering for tattoos, loud shirts, piercings etc,.)


    For a 25K saloon Id have an E90 M3
    Much better v8 than the audi Donk
    Much better drive too

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    My current recurring autotrader browsing is Elise’s,VX220s and i3s.

    No help at all OP

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    What about a Merc AMG 55 SLK?

    eBay has about 20 of them all under £15k FSH and under 70k on the clock… That leaves you change for the fuel..

    IIRC the BBB organiser chappie has one.. ask him for some advice.


    Not considered an Alpina? Quite a few nice looking ones on Pistonheads that fit the budget and a lot more unique than an Audi.


    Another one going through the menoporsche – 986 Boxster here. For my budget I could afford a ‘good’ 986 or a bottom of the market 996, so went with the one that I hoped would be less likely to break me financially.

    When it’s working right, it’s a lovely thing. Interactive (which is massively important), fast enough to get you into trouble, but not effortlessly so. Lightly tweaked exhaust so it sounds nice when pushed, but not offensive when pootling. Soft top has added another dimension to the experience – hearing the wind in the trees and being VERY aware when you’re passing a field full of cows.

    But no 2 ways about it, running an old sports car is financially draining. I do most of the work on it myself, so save most of the labour, but I still need to shell out big lumps of cash at random intervals. I spent a chunk of today lying under it in a french car park patching up the hole that had just appeared in one of the cats. That will be between £200 and £1200 when I get back to the uk and decide how best to do the job something approximating “properly”. And after 100k miles the dampers are shagged, so that’s a BIG bill looming.

    …but 4 seater MLC car? 911 or a Maser. Or what about a Ferrari 400 for a truly brave option? They were as cheap as they get pretty recently. Audi(unless an R8) really doesn’t count.


    A few nice Jag Xkr 5.0 supercharged ones for that price.

    My Dad actually did this a few weeks ago. He’d been putting a bit of money aside, and then found the right one…

    13 plate XKR, nice spec (without being the garish Sport version with horrendous Bumpers) and original purchase price of over £95k! Just 17k miles on the clock, 2 owners, full main dealer history, not a mark on it… Just £25k on the nose!

    Thing is, it’s the car he’s always wanted, but he’s 65 now. He had a couple of E39 M5’s in his late 40’s when his reactions were still good and fuel was under £1 a litre. He won’t admit that his reactions aren’t what they were, but he has said the car is not only too quick but actually scary and difficult to use the performance on the road! As someone who owns several fast motorbikes, I do find that quite funny, but then when I think of cars I’ve owned/driven that have been the most fun, and normally they’re not the most powerful ones. In fact, my most fun car I’ve owned was an early E85 Z4 3.0i sport, perfect balance of chassis and engine, not too much or too little of either…

    Anyway… Cars… Meh! Motorbikes are sooooooooo much more fun!


    Just thought of a suitable motor – Challenger Hellcat, 6.2 litres of supercharged hemi hooliganism, 6-700hp readily available.

    Mustang GT all the way for me. i’m Starting to to see some 16 plate examples around £22-23k with reasonable mileage; insurance i’ve been quoted is less than i’m paying on my current BMW X3. Ok that’s with a low annual mileage, but I wouldn’t be doing 20k miles a year in a 5.0 V8 car that does about 20mpg

    I have always fancied an XK-R to be honest

    Not sure about Mustangs, my mate has one

    johndrummer – that one is Cat S, wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole

    £30k might get you one of the first Noble M12’s.
    They still look amazing even though they’re about 17 years old. Seem to be steadily going up in price like just about anything else that was a bit of fun.

    Just read the original post and I seem to have blown the budget by ten grand.
    Nice cars though.


    As per mboys post, all of these cars are so ludicrously fast, you can’t use them on our roads. I always wanted an RS4, but swapped it for an S5 after18 months cos I was always worrying about the 20 inch wheels and never getting close to using the power available. Just felt like a waste!

    The S5 is quick, but great delivery and very smooth, so you can Potter around knowing it’s there if you need it.

    johndrummer – that one is Cat S, wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole

    You’re right, I hadn’t noticed that before. Turns out all seven Mustangs at that dealer are Cat-S

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Aren’t Cat -S cars just minor damaged repaired .. bumpers, headlights or doors replaced etc.?

    Aren’t Cat -S cars just minor damaged repaired .. bumpers, headlights or doors replaced etc.?

    When I googled it, it said structural damage such as twisted chassis


    What do you want it to do?!

    – go fast in a straight line?
    – go fast around corners?
    – both?
    – fit 4 people in?
    – have a good boot?
    – all of the above?

    I bought a Cayman 2.9. Doesn’t do all the above (2 seater) but love it, quick enough in a straight line, nice and revvy, corners on rails, 35mpg on the motorway, 2 boots = loads of luggage space, and the bikes go on top with a RockBros suction cup rack!
    Insurance was cheap, £450 (and I’m 27).

    I’ve always wanted an elise. When I have enough to buy a car purely for fun I’ll get one!
    Would love a Maserati GT for the looks and noise.
    If your budget could go up a bit then the Nissan GTR is mind blowingly fast, sounds amazing and fits 4!

    RS4/5/6 are all lovely. As is a C63 AMG… and the older ones sound like a thunder storm!

    I would love a faster car but realistically theres nowhere you can use the speed unless you’re on track. Having the cayman and having driven a bunch of faster cars (DB9, GALLARDO, F430, Atom, GTR) I’d get something with less power than the supercars but more usable, else I’d lose my license very quickly. I’m breaking most speed limits by the time I’m out of 2nd in the Porsche.


    Flange does a good write up above. I’ve got a 135i which is a great little car – 8sp auto, 4.9 0-60 but 40mpg on motorway runs. Not a midlife crisis car though, too practical.

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