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  • Get yourself up the A9 to Pegnitz and ride the loop westwards from there to Pottenstein. I did it a couple of times in summer and it’s not bad. It’s mainly signposted but unfortunately a few key ones are missing.
    I think you can get GPX files from various places including Radioactiv bikes in Pegnitz.

    I think they’ve also done a fair bit of bike parks and trails at Ochsenkopf in the Fichtelgebirge. Should be quite good – they have chairlifts there for the skiing.

    Do you do any rock climbing? the area north of Erlangen is one of the best places in Germany for that sort of thing.

    enjoy, it’s a great place


    We were staying near hersbruck a few years back and did some great crosscountry riding around the Pegnitztal and the forests around Neuhaus, just long days mixing up the waymarked forest paths with fireroads and some linking roads. Basically just exploring really but lots of good (if short) stuff.

    There’s a couple of bikeparks nearby:

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    I have just moved to mid-franconia (Nurnberg/Erlangen) area, does anyone know of any good spots to ride? I’m used to riding UK trail centres and got experience of alpine riding in the alps. Any advice or even better if you live out here and ride then let me know.


    I’m staying in Erlangen for 5 weeks (2.5 left) but don’t have my bike with me… I’ve picked up a beater city bike for €45 and am heading out to Pottenstein to explore today. Mainly road riding but you’re welcome to come along.

    There’s a massive book shop in Erlangen where I found a copy of this.

    Some of the routes would be a mission without a car but it looked like a pretty comprehensive overview of Franconian XC.

    The tips above look pretty decent too – local uplift!

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    If you have a bike sat nav, I have used this site for finding routes in Germany.


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    Thanks for all of your input, I’ll check these out.

    Jim – had things to do yesterday but appreciate the invite, how was Pottenstein? I’ll have my bike from Thursday so will start exploring.


    It was a lot of fun cheers. I learned several things:

    1) Google maps cycling routes will add lots of fun to road hacks but you might not have the right bike for it!
    2) You will pinch flat a city bike on rooty, rocky trails
    4) Always carry a spare tube and pump!

    There’s also a BMX track in North Erlangen by the way. It looks pretty fun http://goo.gl/maps/PiOm0

    Are you still in Nuremberg?
    I’m there for two weeks over Christmas and am desperate to get some biking done.


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