Microsoft Server Experts… Again…

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  • Microsoft Server Experts… Again…
  • monkey_boy

    morning all,

    some of you kind folk may remember me posting last week about the dying server, well it died on Wednesday.

    I have sort of got us back up and running as most of the files were on the file server not the domain controller.

    there is one mad problem i cant fix though…

    All windows 7 pc’s when you click on their shared drive shortcuts pop up with a username and password box, they put their details in and they can connect ‘like before’..

    however ALL windows XP pc’s cannot connect and they come up with the old classic warning.. “connect connect to server”

    years ago i remember is was something to do with netbios not working as it cant authenticate with the ‘dead’ domain controller?

    sorry if above is garbled, not much sleep.

    any pointers most welcome!


    sorry the error is

    “an error occured while reconnecting s: to \\server\drive abc – microsoft windows network: local device name already in use – this connection has not been restored”

    i have enabled netbios over tcpip but nothing changed.

    Premier Icon scaled

    Try to remap the drives on one of the win xp machines.

    Right click the drive and disconnect then remap it either through net use or right click my computer/map drive.

    If that works you might just have to take a look at your logon scripts.


    another point,

    to enable internet access and email (pop3 via local outlook connecting to bt) ive manually given everyone static IP 192.168.1.** and gateway and dns as and it seems to pull it from the actual bt hub.


    cheers scaled, i tried that delete mapped drive, tried to remap came back with ‘drive does not exist’


    as scaled said, remapping the drives on the XP machines should do the trick (you might need a restart before trying it).


    tired that but sadly doesnt work, i noticed when i look in the network tree i can see our domain, double click it and it only brings up the pc’S (WIN7 & XP) that have the above static settings.

    it also does not show up the server, which is still set as DHCP so does not have the above ip settings.

    two stupid ideas…

    give the file server the same ip settings as above

    plug the server directly into the bt hub which in turn is plugged into the main switch.

    think im peeing in the wind here 🙁


    That kind of sounds like a dns issue, is the domain controller running a dns server as well as dhcp?


    Try mapping a driver to server’s IP to prove/disprove DNS issue



    net use * \\server.ip.address\share /user:domain\username password


    cheers all,

    got it sorted, i changed the ip, dns, gateway of the file sever to the same setup as the pc’s.

    then as above set the share up with the ip address and it pops up with a login box then lets me get on.

    thanks again

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