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  • Not a good day for popsters

    Blimey! What’s going on in the world?

    (If you see four blokes on horses RUN!!!!!)

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    did his eyebrows ever grow back (or was it eyelashes)?

    i used to be a big Japan fan


    If you listen to the sessions he did with Gavin Harrision he was so much more than a pop player, RIP


    Listen to Rain Tree Crow to see how much more than a ‘pop’ band Japan really were. It’s the same line up. Mick did some pretty avant guard stuff too. *sigh*, not a good day for music, really.
    <edit> just remembered, David Sylvian did vocals on “Buoy” and “When Love Walks In” on Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters by Mick Karn in 1987 as well.


    Fretless Bass’ all over the world are weeping tonight.


    As when Ari Up died, sad for the family, but I honestly couldn’t stand the music.

    When I heard the sad news yesterday I immediately had droning fretless bass noises playing in my head, which won’t go away. Reminds me that the 80s had some very low moments.

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    Only 52. Very sad, used to love Japan back in the 80s, saw them a couple of times. Mick’s sidewards “moon walk” was most memorable.
    Cancer is a right bastad innit.

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    Damn – that’s sad.



    Swing …One of my favourite Japan songs, been a massive Japan and all of them on their own projects fan since 1981….

    Just listening to Sylvians Sleepwalkers CD now…..

    Will stick “Titles” on the Ipod and have a few quiet minutes for Mick and also his family…



    Sorry he has gone but that is just dirge imo, didn’t like it then still cant get it now.

    The drummer was/is married to Sheila Rock I think.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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