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  • Mick Hannah announces retirement from World Cup racing
  • Premier Icon singletrackandi
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    Mick Hannah has announced that he plans to retire after the final race of the 2021 downhill World Cup calendar! The time has come to announce that I’m …

    By singletrackandi

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    Mick Hannah announces retirement from World Cup racing

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    Premier Icon kayak23
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    What a shame. Awesome rider and still often in the mix.
    A long impressive career.

    Absolute legend for his cheeky ‘Suis’ in race runs.

    I wonder what he’ll do. Wasn’t he a landscape gardener or something? In fact didn’t he sort of retire a while back, go back to that, only to return to raving again?

    Sick Mick 👊

    Premier Icon pmurden
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    Will be much missed by both fans and racers I think. best of luck Mick.

    Premier Icon kayak23
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    Racing, obvs… 😂

    Premier Icon daviek
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    Last time I went to Fort William I stood roughly where that photo was taken just so I could see the suicide no hander! was great to be there to see it rather than seeing it on you tube or the likes. Itll be weird with neither Mick or Tracy racing

    Premier Icon dannyh
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    He’s always come across as one of the good’uns and a great rider.

    I always felt he lost a bit of his power when Sam Hill came along and took the whole ‘talking without moving the lower mandible’ thing to a new level, though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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