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    The LBS has these both crazy cheap for a 2.25 kevlar bead.
    Can they be run tubeless. Don’t appear to be tubeless ready or ust.
    But for a pair at half the price of a Nobby Nic, probably worth a crack.
    Anyone use them?


    Tyres are good and can run tubeless without any issues. They seal tubeless first time without sealant. I’ve been running a pair of grip-R over the winter.


    i use the wild race’r advanced tyres and think they are a match for the scwalbe rocket rons which i also run on another bike… they aren’t much heavier either.

    as has already been said, they can be run tubeless (like the schwalbes) even without being the tubeless specific versions.

    interestingly, in europe they are quite expensive, whereas schwalbe are often heavily discounted… i can only think this because the brits like schwalbe tyres and the europeans like michelin.

    i bought mine from crc as they were crazy cheap, and i loved them so much, i bought a spare pair too.


    I got some tlr grippers from CRC dead cheap, really pleased with them.

    Van Halen

    i also have tlr grippers. good stuff. but the rear has worn quite quick where i ride on the road.

    i think they are changeing hte tread on the grippers which will be a shame as they seem to be a great UK slop tyre.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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