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  • Junkyard

    Poor Bertie no one believed he ate contaminated beef

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    Can’t believe in anyone who rides for a team run by Bjarne Riis. How he is allowed to run a team when Bruyneel gets a 10 year ban is a bit of a mystery to me.


    Who cares. Ban all road bikes and Lycra.

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    The International Cycling Union (UCI) on Wednesday lifted its doping ban on Australian Michael Rogers, who last year tested positive for clenbuterol.

    Rogers was provisionally banned after testing positive for the banned stimulant, which increases aerobic capacity, in a urine sample at the Japan Cup last October.

    However, the 34-year-old has now been partially exonerated as the UCI accepted his claim that he had not taken the substance intentionally.

    “Upon careful analysis of Mr Rogers’ explanations and the accompanying technical reports, the UCI found that that there was a significant probability that the presence of clenbuterol may have resulted from the consumption of contaminated meat from China – where he had taken part in a race before travelling to Japan,” said a UCI statement.

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    Where can I buy performance enhancing meat?

    China, can’t you read?! The UCI advised riders to avoid meat in China and Mexico as contamination is such an issue, so Rogers is guilty by strict liability, and of being negligent in ignoring specific UCI advice.


    And why was Rogers in China? Because the UCI want to have racing there. Sacrifice the riders to make money.

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