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    Couldn’t be a better metal band for Glastonbury IMO, more than anyone else they took it out of the denim n levver closet and shoved it out to the wider audience. Just seems right to me.

    wrightyson – Member

    Are they that bad live now?

    No IMO. Yes they did go pretty crap- though, tbh crap metallica is still better than most bands can manage live. They just got, well, dull. Safe, which metal shouldn’t be. But last time I saw ’em which I think was Sonisphere, they were really bloody good- tons of energy and enthusiasm, less cliches, and much less mechanical too, like, Kirk totally blew a solo and you could see he was just winging it rather than falling back on standards like he used to. Used to be, you felt every night got the exact same cookie cutter gig. Lots of swapping guitar roles and stuff, Hetfield took the solo on Nothing Else Matters and put his own stamp on it… The set wasn’t perfect but it was a damn fine show.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)

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