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  • egb81

    Good calls on Toska and Rolo Tomassi


    I don’t listen to much metal these days as it makes me a bit angry.. but if i needed to get angry I might break out the album that this comes from:


    Am I allowed to post hair metal? No? Tough…


    Some good selections. Loving the Acid King and Sunn O))). And Toska!

    <iframe width=”1015″ height=”571″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Van Halen

    uncle acid and the deadbeats

    and Beastmaker

    and sleep.


    Great shout on the Bongripper, one of my fave albums last year. Favourite track “O”.

    Been on a bit of a non-trad tech-death tip recently.

    Firstly from last year, the incomparable Slugdge, a two piece from Lancashire, ooh I see they’ve expanded to a 4 piece including the Black Dhalia murder drummer, which is cool because I thought the drums, although quite good were one of the weakest parts of the latest album “Esoteric Malacology”

    From 2017 Archspires unbelievable Relentless Mutation album is chock full of killer, ffo incredible musicians, speed, technicality, sewing machine snares, and an amazing vocalist

    Anther recent fave Rivers of Nihil, the “Where Owls Know My Name” video from the album “Where Owls Know My Name”, ffo Saxophones (yes, really, personally I hate the honking abominations but here they actually work)

    My mate Dave is a big fan of Babymetal…..

    I’m quite worried about him if I’m honest.

    Premier Icon IvanMTB

    mein herz in flammen…

    Bring on July 😀



    Holy shit, didn’t expect this many metalheads here.

    cosmic blackened death metal

    I am really liking the new debut LP ‘Mana’ from Idle Hands. Gives that mullet, denim patch vest and devil horns in the air sing along vibe.

    Also, give BangerTV on Youtube a follow, have found lots of stuff (like the above album) from their reviews:


    The new Whitechapel album, The Valley, is rather good.

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Rabea from Tosca ^^^ does his own YT channel and occasionally just rocks out in his “home” studio..

    So here is today’s “here’s a riff”


    I’ll see your Babymetal and raise you Lovebites

    I mentioned these a while ago and after seeing them at Bloodstock.

    They’ve obviously been influenced by maiden and similar bands


    Premier Icon penac

    caught these guys in London a few weeks back, very impressive live.
    [ video][/video ]

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