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  • metal detecting?
  • cozz

    my mrs is loving watching “diggers” on TV

    and commented about being interested in having a go at metal detecting, ive got access to some land at work and round about

    so, what can you tell me – had a look at detectors on ebay, don’t know what Im looking at

    say for £100-£120 ish, wanting something decent, not rubbish, but not too over the top also


    My stepdad bought a £100 jobbie from Maplins, my brother who is ‘keen’ but far from an expert or real enthusiast, made him take it back and go to the proper metal detecting shop… dunno how much he was made to spend in the end. From that, I tooking that £100 Metal detectors are very like £100 BSO’s… just a warning 😉

    EDIT: SD’s over tonight, I’ll ask what he got in the end, brother flying off to india so can’t ask him easily.


    yeah I dont want a “halfords special” one

    if you get chance ask your bro what I need

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    Cozz, email me if you’re interested in buying one, I have a decent one in the shed I could let go.

    Premier Icon stu170

    My mrs is an archaeologist and brought one home from work with her the other day as she was moving site. The one that she had was worth 700 apparently. Useful for finding some bolts I lost in the gravel the other week though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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