Meta AM/SX Frame Sizing and general geometry!!…oh, and a good ride?

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  • Meta AM/SX Frame Sizing and general geometry!!…oh, and a good ride?
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    I’m, 6-2 and run a large AM, it’s easy big enough. I’d say go med.

    but I’d probably need to run a 70mm stem

    No you wouldn’t. I’m long in the and run a 40 or 50 stem (can’t remember of top of my head) and find myself forward on the saddle, in fact when I remember I’m going to move it forward a little bit.

    I wondered about getting an SX but at no point in my year of new Meta ownership has the AM come even close to even beginning to feel not a little bit over biked, but it is a great bike, both up and down, but especially down. I came it from Meta 5.5, which was just beginning to feel like it was not quite enough bike on the roughest stuff in my riding.



    Considering pulling the trigger on a Meta AM or SX for the rest of the summer/abroad riding season!

    Sizing is a bit of a headscratch though….doesn’t look like I’ll have the chance to demo before ordering the frame…

    At 5’10, I’m generally happy with an ETT of around 600mm with a 50mm stem…this puts me on either a Medium AM or Large SX? as it seems the SX has a shorter cockpit…

    But, the standover on the Large SX is obviously higher and the wheelbase will clearly be longer due to the HA difference…

    Are there any Large SX riders out there? I’m just a bit worried that it will be/feel like quite a big bike for general singletrack tomfoolery?

    The Medium is 580mm ETT (old medium meta sizing)….but I’d probably need to run a 70mm stem….which is not idea really.

    Currently ride a 17″ Orange Five with 36s/offset bushes so already at 66 HA and relatively slack….but the bike still feels quite small?

    Interested to hear any owner comments/cockpit set up details?

    Thanks all,



    So, the Med AM is now the same ETT as the Large SX….. wheelbase and standover I guess will be more of the concern.

    I’ll see if I can dig one out for a sit-on….problem is though, not many dealers seem to stock them at the moment!


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    No, if you ran a bike shop you wouldn’t either, the CRC effect.

    Where are you? you’re welcome to a play on mine if you’re yorkshire way.


    Large SX here – love it!!!

    I’m 6’2″ and run a 35mm stem – I’m long in the body so at your height the Large would be on the large side IMHO…

    I went from a 17″ Blood to this – comparable in terms of ETT,HA etc but the SX just wants to go faster/higher/rougher due in part to longer wheelbase + more travel

    Use mine around Brizzle, FoD, S Wales and have just done a few days in the alps – just laps it all up 🙂

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    Medium AM here at 5’10 and 60mm stem its perfect
    Slightly bigger than my previous 2008 Meta 5
    Derbyshire based if you want to try for size

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