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  • messengerbag 30-40 litere capacity ?
  • Premier Icon jeb
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    used to have timbuk2 28 liter quite good

    now have a chrome 24 liter a bit small.. ¨

    but is there anything bigger around 30 litre …. I know chrome does the berlin 47 litre… but that maybe a bit over the top….

    Premier Icon gkeeffe
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    Millican bags are good and uk based with recycled materials etc. I have two of their bags and they’ve lasted years.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed
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    Chrome Metropolis is 40 litres.

    Mine has lasted, it must be 15 years old, I bought it not long after it was released. The first 5 or 6 years it was used as my daily commuter bag, so it took a hammering.

    I think SportPursuit have them on offer at around £50 – £60, or did have.

    EDIT: they are £75 on SportPursuit now.

    Premier Icon Kuco
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    If you are not worried about the extra 2 litre why not go for another Timbuk2?

    Premier Icon Vortexracing
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    stealth ad incoming

    I have a brand new Millican Messenger bag in dark grey if you are interested

    Premier Icon easily
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    Life Behind Bars have a 32l messenger bag
    I have the small version – 22l – which seems huge to me. I’ve had it a couple of years and it’s good: well made; versatile (you can expand and reduce the size and pack bits onto the outside); comfortable when partly full, reasonably comfortable when packed; it has an anti-sway strap that works, and can be turned into a sort-of-backpack with a hidden strap.
    My only minor niggle is the pocket sizes which don’t really suit the way I like to stow things, but they are useable. The main compartment is big.

    Take a look at the website, it’s got good pics and videos and it might be what you’re after.

    Oh, they used a dodgy carrier who charged me an extra tenner for … well, who knows what really? Bear that in mind.

    Premier Icon jeb
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    Thansk man! great feedback

    Premier Icon Fat-boy-fat
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    I was going to recommend Crumpler as I have a mahoosive messenger bag from many moons ago. However, it seems like they really don’t do big messenger bags anymore. Shame from a company that was founded to make good messenger bags.

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