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    you don’t need a separate backhaul channel for web browsing. With 11mpps broadband you won’t come even close to maxing out the slowest, single channel mesh. I wouldn’t get one of those (as dual band improves availability), but the sort of thing you have suggested is fine.

    Probably all true. Personally, I always try and buy stuff that is on the overkill side for my current situation. I aim to future proof and keep stuff for a long time, as the disposable nature of stuff that is just about good enough isn’t my bag. I’d also say it is very easy to underestimate what you are asking of a wifi network. If you’d have asked me I would had said I probably had about 10 devices. Looking at the Plume app now it is telling me I have 27 devices connected, and has seen a total of 47 in the past 30 days (I guess some of that is down to some devices sporadically changing their MAC address for privacy though).

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    Do you guys all have massive houses or something? A single standard BT router covers my whole 4 bedroom house with no problem.

    I am finding increasing issues with four of us working/schooling from home (1,800 sq. ft. 4 bed detached) with 2 x laptops, 2 x iPads, 4 x iPhones, 2 x TVs, 3 x music devices all connected to the wireless set-up (although not necessarily all being used at the same time) – that’s superfast Virgin Fibre on a v.3 Virgin Hub. The wired connection gets 80+ mbps but wireless connections are usually around 15mbps but sometimes drop to <1mbps.

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    I’m also toying with the Virgin SH4 and Giga package as it’ll only be a £6 a month cost increase in costs and should up the wifi speeds as a base unit.  Someone please correct me if I’m talking pish

    +£6 seems fair. However, first check your bandwidth use over a few days. Why pay +£6 for gigabit (and the one-off fee for the SH4) if you’re regularly under, say, 300Mbps? The upload speed is still only 50Mbps.

    Having said that, I’ve found the SH4 to be more reliable than the SH3 and there are some occasions when we hit the bandwidth limit. IRL I’ll likely downgrade to 500Mbps or 350Mbps when #1 child leaves home next year.

    FWIW my setup is ASUS MESH-based:

    AX92U as the main router connected to the VM SH4 in modem mode, then 2 AC67Us and an AC86U connected with an ethernet Gb backhaul.

    Aside from one of the AC67Us disappearing a few times off the network a couple of months back it’s been good. Naturally the AC67U that dropped off was the one closest to my children’s rooms and resulted in much woe. Resetting it and setting it back up as a node was simple and no problems since.

    Nearly as good as MESH though has been installing a Pi-hole DNS + Unbound. Makes web browsing faster and less annoying.

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    Bumpty bump, anyone got any notes (good or bad) on my post above please?

    Tenda Nova MW3 user. It’s only fallen over once in the last 4 months and a quick restart sorted it. Otherwise it’s been flawless.

    My house is constructed of entirely of radio wave blocking materials so I need 6 nodes to get full coverage of the house.

    There are currently 5 users (2 adults and 3 home schooling high school kids) all doing Teams / video calls with no performance problems.

    Recommended for the el-cheapo bargain price.

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    Another recent Tenda Nova MW3 user here. Prior to getting the mesh system I had upgraded from a Virgin “Superhub” 2 to a “Superhub” 3 (quotation marks as it’s anything but super). With the Superhub 2 I could get some coverage in my rear bedroom / office but anything using a lot of bandwidth often dropped off. The Superhub 3 was even worse with absolutely no coverage into the rear bedroom/office. The MX3 mesh, with one box connected to the Superhub 3 and a box in the front and back bedrooms, has improved coverage throughout the house and means I can actually work in my bedroom/office rather than the kitchen. They are pretty cheap at around £80 but I’m not sure I would benefit that much more by buying a system over 200 quid.

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    @johndoe that’s pretty much exactly representative of my situation / problems.
    Virgin 3 hub, struggling to keep up with demand. Lots of strange drop outs and problems to do with the router crapping out, rather than modem connection out to the internet

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    Virgin SH3 (350 mb package) with Tenda MW6s here. Router is in modem only mode and the first Tenda unit is doing the dns and routering bits. I’ve also got a cable out to the other end of the house with another MW6 doing the same there.
    Speed in the room with the first unit is the full 350 mb and it’s rarely sub 100 mb anywhere in the house.

    tldr Put the virgin hub in modem only mode and use something better

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    I left Virginmedia because of the hub 3 and this fault with the Intel Puma Chip .

    Wifi was atrocious and at times the modem was dropping out so much that streaming TV was impossible. No one would commit to a timescale for fixing it or when the next generation hub would arrive.

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