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  • Mesh network – hub and one node?
  • boombang
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    Hi folks, I currently have a Fritzbox 7530 and wondering if a single node mesh setup would help me. On wi-fi in house we get 21mbps down and around 3 mbps up. (max is 28 down 3.4 up).

    Line of site from router to where I work is 2 load bearing brick walls, one single skinned brick wall and a log cabin sidewall. Maybe 15-20 metres. Obviously next to no signal.

    I have a BT 1200 range extender on 2.4ghz, I get a strong signal in the cabin and at the extender but it’s 5-8 down and very little up. In addition to that we get regular dropouts, not worked out what interferes yet.

    There is no scope to move the router or wire. The cabin on a separate circuit so not sure piggy backing via electricity cables is an option.

    I have thought about going up from Fritzbox to a node on landing, then node in the bedroom nearest the log cabin, but I don’t want to spend out for 2 if can help it.

    It is hard to tell but would a mesh setup help in this sort of application, and given the line of sight issues and walls is it worth a single node?

    If I did go down a mesh setup should I move on from the 7530 and upgrade the lot? I read it does not have as many connections as more modern stuff.

    Any other info is really helpful. After 6 months in the corner of a dark room moving to the shed is so uplifting, but as my work is mainly Zoom calls I need to maximise the throughput on my setup. Thanks in advance.

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    Drop me a message, I have a set of the 3 BT discs I’m selling as got different ones given to me with new provider. I’d rather sell to someone on here a bit cheaper than some of the window lickers on FB marketplace.

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    Thanks you have a message (I hope!)

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    I recently upgraded to a mesh system. Because of the number of masonry walls involved I connected the units via ethernet (“wired backhaul” in the jargon). This means I can put one unit in the conservatory, one internal and one external wall away from any other unit. A wireless repeater wouldn’t get there I think.

    Expensive (three TP-link Deco units), and a faff running an extra ethernet connection but the speed and seamless roaming is a revelation. Then again the old wireless-n system with non-mesh access points was a bit stone age.

    When I was looking into it some systems seemed more picky about the network topography of the wired connection but the Decos connect via a switch no problem, which is important as these things seem to come with only two ethernet sockets.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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