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  • TurnerGuy

    seen comments like these quite a few times recently. My moab gtx didn’t remain waterproof for very long.


    They do some pretty nice looking shoes but i’m a bit reluctant to buy them now.

    Edric 64

    I had a pair of approach shoes for a year, they had little use and split at the welts and were never even slightly damp proof. £80 in an outlet store and not as good as Karrimor ones at a third the price

    Premier Icon RicB

    My Terrators from circa 1999 lasted about 5 years. Two newer pairs fell apart in less than 12 months

    Plus after inventing a frictionless material that could’ve solved the energy crisis, they decided to stick it on the bottom of their shoes instead


    Ive got an old pair of 4yr old Moab’s great shoe if not a little bit chunky. I tend to go with North Face because they are the right width for my feet. Can’t get past the sports direct image of karrimor.

    Edric 64

    Its a shame about the Karrimor image .I still have a rucksack from 1983 and panniers from when their kit was good quality


    Anyone else think quality has gone downhill?

    I’ve been a big fan of the Merrell Chamelion Slam approach shoes since my first pair back in approx 2001. I’ve had many pairs but about 2 years ago I bought an updated pair and the air cushioning went in the heel, a known fault so I got a new pair for nowt.

    This second pair went the same way so I opted for a pair of different shoes, Merrell Pantheon Goretex. These are probably about a year old and are now coming apart at the sole/upper seam.

    Probably just a run of bad luck for me, just wondering if anyone else has had issues?


    I’ve got a pair of Merrell Winter Moccassins that I still wear ona regular basis and they must be about 14 years old now. I really like Merrell’s “proper” shoes – as opposed to approach shoes and the like – but it’s been years since I’ve seen them in shops anywhere 🙁

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    I’ve owned 2 pairs of Striker Goals over the past decade and the second pair are tatty as heck but still going. Hope their eventual, like for like, replacements last as well.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Got a 3 year old pair of Chamelions that are finally wearing out; heel cup has split in one.
    Have had a couple of other pairs, Moab and another who’s name escapes me that have been and gone in the same time.
    I much prefer my Asolo boots and 5.10 Camp 4 shoes though, the Asolo especially seem bombproof.


    Ive tried a few pairs over the last couple of years now. reasonably comfy and I think very reasonably priced however I dont have a single pair of them because they’ve all got taken back. I think it says quite a lot when the policy in Go outdoors for merrell is to replace or refund any of their shoes that you claim leak…. they dont ask to test them like other brands, they know they suck!

    Premier Icon househusband

    No longer a fan.

    I’ve been most impressed with the three pairs of (non-cycling) 5:10’s that Rock & Run have had on offer from time to time over the last year or so.

    *FREE* Pair of Merrell Chameleon Evo Goretex walking boots in size nine.

    I don’t get on with them – lots of spiky bits of stitching inside and the Goretex sock in one boot went within about two walks. Worn about a dozen times – Vibram soles like new.

    PP me the cost of posting and you can have ’em. I’ve always had Merrells shoes (mostly the slip on clog-like things) but won’t touch them from here on in. Email in profile.


    I wouldn’t buy Merrells again either – had a pair of approach shoes which were useless in winter, soaked up water like sponges, with really slippery soles, and yet were way too hot for summer. I’ve also got some of the sandle type things, which give me blisters every summer till I get used to them again.


    Over priced and crap colour choices. Unfortunately, Merrell like all the others, Northcave, Zamberlan, Asolo etc etc are all the same. Stick gortex into the pot and you need to re-mortgage!


    I used to love my Merrell Chameleons, bought two pairs and they lasted about five years…

    Doesn’t sound like they work anymore. The same happened with BF Goodrich MT tyres.

    Sent my 1st ever merrell our has back the other month. They started falling to bits with just normal day to day bimbling. Never again.

    Premier Icon NZCol

    We were sponsored by them for a while and got mountains of free shoes. I can’t remember what they were but i used a pair for a 10hour bush bash and had to bin them afterwards – from new. They were touted as the adventure racing shoe – sole came off and had to be taped back on, sides split etc Thought it was a rogue pair and used another pair for a long trek – same thing – disintegrated. I gave up and went back to my Salomons but had to tape over the branding !! Saying that even Salomons have changed in recent years.
    Not like it used to be etc etc

    I had a pair lasted about 6 months , took them back and put to for a more expensive pair and they have gone, within 5 months, only used for dog walking in dry weather. Wouldn’t recommend them

    Premier Icon kcal

    I had a pair of Chameleon XCRs I think replaced as after less than a year the heels had worn right through; the replacements did the same, another pair I later bought (slightly different model) went the same way.

    They weren’t used on ‘trails’ all the time, walking around town and just generally ‘walking’ outside.

    Now have Trezetas I think, and while not brilliant, they are at least as comfortable and haven’t fallen to bits.

    So, as above then. Dead coney when they fit though :/


    By the sounds of it then it’s not just been bad luck.

    As I said the slams I had 10-12 years back were indistructable and stuck to surfaces like hot snot. I think i still have a pair of them in the bottom of a shed somewhere I might have to dig out!

    I dont really use the shoes for on the hills, I have boots for that, they are mainly used as a casual thing and for walking to and from work.

    I have a pair of North Face hedgehogs, they’re ok but soon went to look tatty.

    A mate of mine swore by the Non cycling 5:10’s i might track some down and try them.


    Serial Merrell user here……. my latest pair have worn through the heels way before the uppers have started to wear. I suspect the QC has gone down hill. I generally get through a pair a year and these have lasted about 8 months; i do walk a lot though.

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    Damn shame – they have some wonderful looking shoes/boots for riding this season!


    I was looking at them in the shop – very minimal sole unit that seemed sticky… could work well on flats!

    Never mind…

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