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  • brownpants

    Has anyone on here had a problem with strips threads on BB .

    My mate has had his bike returned to Andorra but they say it was built incorrectly.
    Merlin who did the build have promised to sort it out for him as I’m sure they will but just wondering .
    Anyone who bought a frame only may be wise to check the threads just in case it’s QC problem .


    nope. my mum has been “shredding” her supernormal with no ill effects

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    What’s the point of the post?

    Merlin sound like they did a rare mistake and are rectifying it. Sounds like that’s all there is to be said


    Could be some sort of a QA issue. I recently built up a Mini DH & the BB threads were very tight on one side.

    Thought I had crossed them to start with but kept on giving it half a turn then undoing it to check & the threads were OK, but I was sweating a bit !!


    merlin have always been very good when I have dealt with them (including warranty returns) and they are sorting it out so I wouldn’t worry about it


    I’m not worried nor is my mate . It was just to point out to any Commencal owners of a potential problem that may arise . piedi di formaggio – obviously you would keep things to yourself for the good of yourself 😕

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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