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  • Merlin cycles pulling a fast con be cautious
  • Premier Icon boxelder

    A mate of mine has a machine for drying them out and makes his own raisins!

    I’m intrigued. Does he also prune his own plums?
    We’ll need pics to be certain it’s true though.

    Was just in the super market and thought the OP had started making their own bread, until I realised I had misread the loaves just actually had Thick Cut written on them.


    Oh come on, be fair. There’s no raisin to abuse the OP.


    I had a similar issue as the OP, I once bought a bike, it looked stunning in the picture with a view of Eilean Donan in the background. I bought the bike but imagine my total shock when I went over to see the folks in Eilean Donan and they said the castle was not even for sale and I could not be the new owner, I didn’t have the picture with me so had no case to argue.

    I was soooo pi55ed off that I broke all the Strava records on the way back home.


    It’s not just Merlin tho’ – I think CRC should get a mention too.

    For a while, they (rather curiously) had a photo of single bed / bedroom as a placeholder for stuff they didn’t have an actual picture for …


    it says ‘shimano centerlock disc rotor’ and shows a picture of a centerlock disc rotor. it then delinates this into types of rotor in the product selection.


    lets hope he doesnt use dating websites, as you certainly dont get whats in the picture 😆


    i feel the OPs pain i bot a santa cruz nomad because the advert had a pikture of a guy doing a masive jump and another of a guy doing a sweet slide round a corner it was suny in both pictures the riders was also over six fute tall

    imajin my disapointment when the actual bike ended up being ridden by a 5’4″ man with two kids sweting and pufing his way uphil in the rane

    edited for spelling and punktuation)

    Premier Icon jimmy

    what fruit do you dry to get dates? a genuine question from this household last night. Of course, I could have just googled it.

    Might have outed himself as a troll as tried the same trick on Retrobike.

    I pointed this out 5 mins ago and he’s deleted his content.



    So much to thank the OP for. Injured my arm Thursday and I was racing this morning, but was still suffering some pain. Then this, first a laugh, then a wheeze the when the smiling cow came up I had a laughing coughing fit.
    Anyhoo, took my mind right of the pain.


    I ordered one of these the other day

    Imagine how deflated I felt when I got her and realised it wasn’t a real woman, looked like one from the Picture but knew there was something up when she wouldn’t cook my tea.


    To be fair to the OP I bought some brakes off him last week and what turned up was exactly what was in his pictures. Just saying like.

Viewing 14 posts - 121 through 134 (of 134 total)

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