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  • barrykellett

    So I finally bought a Merino baselayer before christmas, an Icebreaker one.
    Its been worn about 10 times, washed in a cool wool wash after about 5 or 6 wears.

    Last week i noticed two tiny pin holes in the back, which got a tiny bit bigger, this morning they are the size of a thumb.

    What gives?

    Faulty stitching?

    I’m bringing it back to Tiso’s at lunch time, but I very much doubt i still have the receipt, but I paid for it on my credit card. It hasnt caught on anything, every time its been worn its been worn as a baselayer. Air Dried on the back of a kitchen chair or hung up in the hot press.

    It was almost 70 bloody quid. I expected more than 4 weeks of use out of it.


    Better not look at the psa cheap icebreaker post then or you really will be pissed off 😉

    Premier Icon DezB

    That’s not good is it?
    I got a Lab-Gear one, beginning of December, for under £30 and have worn it loads. Riding, dog walking.. still looks like new.

    Barry you have been listening to the sheeple again.

    Try and get a refund in Cornmarket and then buy from these people

    Super, superfine wool and brilliantly made.


    TKMax had Merrell base layers in 66%Merino last week for £16 bought one as it looked a bargain seems to work really well, nicer feel than Hellys and washing well so far

    Hope this helps

    ps Chester shop


    You sure the culprit is not a moth? I’ve had icebreaker merino baselayers for years and they’re still fine.


    I have a couple of Ibex merino base layers and a Swobo merino jersey that I use all the time and they are great. The best buy of the last years really…


    Also got a Merrell one from TKMaxx last year for £10. Still going well.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    My Icebreaker top is still lovely and fine, maybe you just got a dud?


    I’ve had the same problem with a number of merino garments. It seems that in some places(?) the thread is weak / weakened and splits, creating the little hole, which then grows. I’ve had two Ground Effect Submerinos (the second was a warranty replacement for the first) where the inner (merino) face has done this all over, and one Howies merino base layer that’s done the same. My other half had a Swobo merino jersey that also did this (replaced under warranty).

    Not sure if it’s a merino problem and we’re just unlucky, or it’s something that we do to them. We are more careful about washing them now (debunking the ‘use and abuse’ concept that’s widely bandied about for merino).

    I’ve also got an Embers merino something or other that seems to have got a bit shorter and wider in the time I’ve had it (9 months).



    What swadey said.

    The most hardwearing are the Ground Effect tops which have an outer face of polyester. Mind you my Howies tops are all going strong after heaven knows how many washes.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Imo it’s not worth paying top dollar for fancy merino. It’s really not that brilliant compared to anything else. Doesn’t wick as well for a start but is probly warmer. As noted, they can be had for bargains if you shop around. Ice Breakers are a rip off.

    I have a lovely Helly Hansen one which is a Merino/Poly mix, and was discounted at the HH outlet shop at one of those big outlet malls (Brigend in this case) £15 or something.


    Well I left it back and the guy dealing with it thought it strange, asked “is that singed?”
    The impression i got from him was it wasnt going to be replaced, but he didnt say that and is following all the right channels and getting on to icebreaker asap about it.

    Suppose its the best I could hope for. Fingers crossed.


    I had an Ice breaker that literally disintigrated on me within 6 months. I was wearing it most days to commute to work during the summer with a back pack. I wasnt happy after the price I paid but didn’t return it as it was nearly 6 months old and I had long ago disgarded the proof of purchase. It began looking quite thin and then I put my thumbs through as I took it off a little hastily.
    Recently I have done the same to my Howies NBL but it lasted far longer, over a year, with the same treatment. I have recently received an Endura top and being a bit thicker (and it was cheaper) I am hoping it will last a good bit longer. will avoid wearing on its own with a back pack.
    Is it generally regarded that the penalty for a natural, smell beating baselayer is less longevity than its equivalent man made product?
    I might try a HH prowool next time.


    I have 5 or 6 Icebreaker tops all bar one are the bodyfit 260 gauge. I think they’re fab and have had no problems with them. Some have developed holes but that’s when they’ve been snagged by brambles, but I’ve just darned them and carried on using them.

    If it’s nearly new I would have thought they would/should just replace it.


    Sounds like Moths to me. I had the same problem. I’ve put moth balls in with my merino clothes and now no more holes.


    I got a Lab-Gear one, beginning of December, for under £30 and have worn it loads. Riding, dog walking.. still looks like new.

    That’s what we like to hear! And something ya’ll might like to hear is that today we ditched the USD pricing and went back to AUD. The AUD has a much better exchange rate (to your fave) for the UK and Europe than the USD. I think the locals here hated us for switching to the USD but at the time it had been near 1:1 for months! Not so any more 😯

    Premier Icon DezB

    Ah, but your Ebay store is empty 🙁

    Don’t suppose you’ve got any of those old Merino leg-warmers knocking around have you? Mine have been worn too much and are a bit holey!


    Is it generally regarded that the penalty for a natural, smell beating baselayer is less longevity than its equivalent man made product?

    No. I wear my merino stuff (mostly Howies but some Icebreaker) day in day out. Still going strong.

    Mind you the Ground Effect stuff with a synthetic outer and merino inner is probably the most durable.


    dude, if your a large, drop me an email, got some Icebreaker tops for sale.

    Ive been wearing ‘icy’since discovering it in NZ in early 2000, my bodyfit tops have had some major punishment and have come through fine..sounds like a dud…

    Icy are a good company and im sure they will sort you out. If tiso dont help try Icebreaker importers ‘Bradshore taylor’


    I bought a Howies one and paid through the nose, got 3 more now and they’re all brilliant and very hard wearing just bl00dy expensive.


    I have sold craploads of Icebreaker in my last job and would say we got maybe 1 in 150 back with a fault,be it a bit of loose stitching or a wee hole. My Tech top has a hole in the sleeve which i believe was caused by my watch ,the top is 4 yrs old and the hole hasn’t grown. you sound like you got a dud, take it back they should replace/repair it (Icebreaker will inspect it not Tiso’s)

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    My tech top is completely shredded. Worn 6 days a week for 2 winters, holes in elbows & elsewhere. T-shirt has 2 big holes as well.
    2 cheaper base layers are in better nick, just not as soft.
    The super fine stuff ain’t indestructible.

    I’ve had icebreaker merino baselayers for years and they’re still fine.

    It might be a dodgy one but IB did move their production a few years back from NZ to China.

    Its not all bad as the Chocolate Fish merino is made in the old IB factory. I have used my base layer T-shirts, Long sleeves and heavy weight (300g/m) for almost 3 years with no issues. Socks are great too*


    *Amanda at CF did sponsr me some stuff for my MTB Himachal race but I had/have bought a lot more before/after!


    I have several Lab-Gear tops, the only time they’ve holed is when I’ve caught them. Which reminds me – must ask the wife to sew up a large hole in my jersey!


    If you are near to a Decathlon store then have a look in their ski gear section as they do a really good Merino wool base layer for £24.95.

    I was a bit skeptical about the whole Merino wool thing but now have two of these base layers, great bit of kit.

    Member are definately worth buying from. They are very personable, respond straight away and very impressed with their service.
    It should just be proof of purchase that you need to show so take your credit card receipt with you. It sounds faulty especially with the price you have paid for it defiantely push for a new one! And then go to embers merino and buy some stuff from there. Got Mr MC a really nice top and the socks are awesome in teh winter, find them much better than the Seal Skinz which make me feel like I’m wearing cardboard on my feet!

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Kiwi made Icebreaker. food for thought.


    It’s really not that brilliant compared to anything else

    it’s worth it for the lack of stink factor alone. I only wash mine twice a year, whereas my old synthetic shirt could be unbearable clean on half way through a ride 🙁 My Howies shirt has one small hole on the chest, but it’s not propagating…

    Premier Icon INKLEINED

    Embers Merino for Me,
    Been using them for over a year, I have 5 in total, 2 long sleeve bases,
    2 short sleeve bases & a 300gm/metre mid layer.
    Top notch, best bases I’ve ever had.
    I’ts true what they say about not smelling.


    Own lots of IceBreaker thinest base layers (skin?) and lots of med layers. Nice to wear – crap crap crap for durability. IMHO merino needs to be blended with a small amount of artificial stuff but how would you market that?


    i have a fair few icebreaker tops (mainly 200/190) and no problems with them. find them better than the embers i’ve got… doesn’t feel anywhere near as nice after a chunk of use and washing.

    if you want an alternative, look at craft baselayers.

    quite cheap (compared with merino anyway, looking 20-30 quid on average)
    the pro zero extreme is great for chilly rides, the pro warm for when its seriously cold (i’ll wear that and a phantom softshell when its sub zero)

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