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  • Mercedes for sale
  • And I think I’m having a ‘moment’

    So much want. So much need.

    Don’t look at this then.

    AMG Hammer Wagon “swoon”.

    I am aware of der HammerVagen.

    This, though…

    Oh, and this…

    1968 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 (W109) *SOLD*

    I think I’d rather have a beige Vauxhall Chevette than any of those monstrosities.

    Mercs leave me cold.

    Premier Icon pondo

    That 190 is about the only Mercedes this side of a 300SL I’d like to own.


    I’ve just been driving an S-class 350d auto around for the last week while my own car is in the repair shop ( side-swiped by a holiday maker who came around a bend too wide & fast..and thankfully admitted liability) ..very nice car but way too big for the country roads around here ..after a slow puncture on the front passenger side…I had it swapped for an E-class 220d auto ..much more suited ..and that sport+ setting is some toy !
    I wouldn’t swap either for my own car though and can’t wait to get it back at the end of the month..

    Premier Icon earl_brutus

    They must have got the decimal in the wrong place. 300k? No way.

    Premier Icon P-Jay

    That 190 evo is amazing. I’ve always loved them.

    Someone in Cardiff had a 190 evo 2 and kept it next to their M3 Evo Sport, this was when they were reasonably cheap, be sitting on a fortune now.

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    That first one looks like it was designed by a teenaged boy in a Max Power design your own car contest.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Well the 190 has just got worse with age it’s awful.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    You missed out on this one, Flashy

    I remember having a shot in one of those back in the day. A friend of a friend had one.

    Took a bit of getting used to the dog-leg gearbox IIRC.

    Bet he wishes he’d kept it……

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    A de-stickered one of these is on my ‘lottery win garage’ list:

    amg mercedes 300

    Premier Icon Kato

    280sl Pagoda. Only Mercedes for me. Apart from a W100 600 Grosser but I’m not a dictator


    Apart from a W100 600 Grosser but I’m not a dictator

    That would be my choice. I am also not a dictator although given the chance…


    If only I had won that euromillions jackpot, it would be sat on my drive next to this

    Lotus Carlton

    Premier Icon nickc

    No. Horrid cars

    Premier Icon kilo

    One of my bangernomics purchases back in about 2001 was a 1979 Mercedes 280e, Ed South Africa car, cream colour brown interior, forever known as Mertle. Great car, wafting along in comfort and a degree of pimp style only downside was the fuel gauge which would go down faster than a fast thing. Always kept a hankering for old mercs

    Premier Icon richmtb

    The trick is to spot the future classics before they are £300k!

    It is nice though and arguably a lot rarer than some of the Porsche specials that go for similar money.

    I do like Mercedes’ nutter streak though, for a company that has an ostensibly conservative image they have produced some bonkers cars over the years. They’ve got the “dragster disguised as a limo” niche sewn up.


    Just wish they would stop making so many ugly SUVs

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