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  • Premier Icon ton

    just a observation I had whilst shopping for some clothes.

    up here in Yorkshire, a large proportion of the young male population, are either taking growth hormone, or are on a steroid programme.
    there are some pretty big bulky blokes knocking about.
    this may also be the case elsewhere in the uk.

    so why is a uk xl shirt a 46”?

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Pfft, bloody Diesel. XXL = 42″ chest!

    ..and frequenting gyms because I work in an office (and have a sad existence etc etc), I’ve wondered the same thing re: steroids.

    It’s quite odd.


    steroids I reckon..

    It’s the same kids that were happily necking 12 £1 E’s on a Saturday night with their cider at the age of 13..

    Now they are responsible adults with jobs and a gym membership, a jar of gorilla hormone pills off the internet is as innocuous as multivitamins to them

    Premier Icon flap_jack

    Steroid use sadly quite common in gyms IME. Checkout acne, overgrown chins and general bad attitude (‘roid rage) for confirmation. I know where I can get some and I wasn’t even looking for it.

    Edric 64

    42 ? that`s a large ,not xxl !! I get fed up with clothes only being available in childrens sizes .Leg length only to 33/34 shoes only to a size 11. jackets in a 44/46 if you are lucky and straight leg jeans that are a spray on fit

    I think they’re all wearing vests. I saw a big lad in a vest in Barrow yesterday, it’d just been hailstoning.

    Im 6″4 and 20 stone natural used to train and it got too heavy with all the roidheads and chemicals floating about but ive found some adidas stuff in xl fits and xxl too tight? Firetrap xxxl and tapout or affliction fits ok in a xl (american fighgwear) its a ballache as im naturally stocky with very broad sholders so necks are allways tight or streched across the chest. Most of my shopping is done online now.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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