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  • ash258369

    Ive repaired sidewalls with no problems tubeless. Stitch with dental floss and put a large patch on the inside to seal and outside to protect stitching. May be a bit tricky to do on the tread though?…


    Stuck a half cm gash is my reasonably new racing ralph tyre the other day. Was running tubeless and wouldn’t seal up.

    Put in a tube and it runs fine, however am I able to repair the tyre to run tubeless in future? Gash is on top of tyre rather than sidewall if that makes any difference.


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    Half cm gash doesn’t sound too bad. I found this article on pinkbike useful…

    Might get away with the plug method on half a cm.

    Just repaired a 1.5cm+ gash in the sidewall of a Minion with just patches and that’s back up and running tubeless


    5mm? Stick a sticky worm in there

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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