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  • Memory foam mattress toppers – anyone use one?
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    Turn the current mattress upside-down?


    Looking at getting a new bed when I move house in 6 months time, but until then I need something to make the current mattress a bit more bearable.

    Cue memory foam mattress toppers – has anyone bought one and can tell me what to look for? 2" at least, density? etc.

    Currently looking at 2" memory foam toppers on Ebay (around £40-50)…


    The memory foam toppers are useless, as far as I can remember. 2" is just not enough (fnarr) to mask whatever your current mattress's problems are, the foam will just follow the contours of whatever it is on top of.

    Seriously, don't waste your money.

    Get a Tempur mattress if you can swallow the cost, they are brilliant!


    I haven't got one but i've heard people say they keep you very warm.

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    I have a tempur-fake. Superb bit of kit – would never go back to pocket sprung.
    Its a full depth mattress and cost about £500 I think. Much less than Tempur.

    I'm 6'4" with all the dodgy back issues that brings up and havent had a twinge since we got the mattress 5 years ago.

    They are a little warmer, but thats hardly difficult to deal with.


    We have a topper. About 4". The missus reckons its brilliant and makes a complete difference to her sleep. I beg to differ as I hate the fact that they mould to your shape. I have tried a few and they all, cheap or dear, put you in a body shaped hole. I don't want my hps lower than my stomache, i want a dead flat bed. When you want to move around you have to roll up hill and they don't "fight" your weight. probably the point. Must admit that in the year since we had one my back which tended to ache, often doesn't but my sleep is crap. Best nights sleep are else where. Not sure what to say. Maybe if you are a sound sleeper like my missus they are fine. I'm tryin to persuade her to chop the thing in half and let me put a bit of plywood on my side.


    If your mattress is shot, don't waste your money with a topper it would be like having a punctured inner tube & buying new tyres to solve the problem!


    Thanks for the replies, awkward one this – it's only to bridge a gap before I buy a new bed. Opinion seems to be split down the middle on these things. Maybe I'll buy a hammock…


    i bought a 1.5" topper and it transformed the bed for me and the wife,i/we sleep much better,yes it does make you warmer in bed and the topper can move around over a few nights but i highly reccomend them,my mate bought one and also loved it.

    I bought a cheap sprung memory foam matterers off an ebay seller last year. Was only about 160 quid.
    Was as good a the silent night i'd tried in the shop for about 2 weeks. After that it was just average. My advice, don't bother with cheap ones, it's a false economy.
    I'll be getting the silent night one in another 6 months or so I think.

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    The other thing I'd add is, when buying a new one spend a while shopping around and don't be afraid to lie on the demo beds to try 'em out.

    Obvious maybe, but people seem to overlook that it's somewhere you'll spend a third of your life, so it's worth spending a bit of time and money in getting it right.

    IMO, etc etc.

    (un)interestng fact-I commissioned the Tempur foam plant in the States.

    I hate the stuff and dont enjoy sleeping on a Tempur mattress. We've got a feather mattress toppper instead.


    A little bit warmer! Ive just been through a minus 25 winter with a 2.5 tog quilt and most nights i woke up sweating like a paedo on sports day. They are comfy tho.


    haha yeah there well comfy, i do have a £300 new mattress under it but to be honest i got the 2odd inch topper because the matress felt farrr to firm

    everyone says how comfy it is, the ladies that is 😀


    i`ll spend the money on bikes. i spend less than a quarter of my life in bed!


    We got one a couple of years ago from Costco (about £120) – not sure how thick it is but probably about 4".
    We like it, proper warm and makes the beed seem comfier, but as has already been said if the matress underneath is dead then a topper won't make much difference.


    I would definitely recommend a memory foam mattress pad. It is very comfortable and much cheaper than previous years.

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