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  • Member Discount – not working?
  • Straightliner
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    One of the recent threads mentioned the Member Discount and I’ve just tried to look through and see what is available. Clicking on any of the links takes me to a page to enter my email address which then sends a message with a link to my email account.

    But when I click on the link it tells me it’s either expired or already been used. Is there something odd with the back end of the process, or am I doing something wrong?

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    I will get the discount tech chap to email you with your own unique URL.

    UPDATE: We have found that a couple of email systems are fettling the expiration date in the magic code. This has affected around 30 people out of 3000+ who have already accessed the discounts. So… the discount folk are looking at issuing your own unique URL as a fix for this. This has been the quick repair… but will probably become standard practice after a little testing.

    If anyone has access issues…. email me charlie.hobbs at

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    Thanks Charlie and not urgent for me, but glad to know it’s not user incompetence for once 🙂

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