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  • butterbean

    Officially is full face and elbows and that’s all from memory.

    The last 4 years I’ve just used a full face and knee pads,it’s never been checked.


    Alright people – just wondering if anyone can help?

    I’m struggling with the Mega’s own website… Does anyone know what the rules are relating to protection at the Mega? – I’m planning on wearing short sleeved TLD soft armour and my 661 knee only pads.

    Does anyone know if a) soft armour is an issue. b) will I need elbow pads. c) do you need to wear shins as well???



    I turned up with just Full face, elbow and knee pads and was laughed at and told I was going to die. I didnt die but after the first day I was in the queue for full upper body armour.

    Cheepest option = buy it in this country


    I’m going with the nukepoof soft armour (£50), I also have a Dianese hardshell so will make up my mind when I get there. Also have an Evoc pack which has a removable spine guard as the soft shell has no spine guard.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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