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  • Premier Icon hudders

    I’m getting proper confused by what is required to do Mega, I’ve read so many posts on forums my head is spinning, so can people that have done it before please clarify what you must have to compete, it would be very helpful.

    Race Licence, Bronze sounds like its all thats needed to avoid a doctors note and to gain entry to Mega but some people suggest Silver or Gold, and that it must be a full licence, not provisional, given that bronze is only £20 and full Gold is £101 there is a big difference that could go towards insurance.

    Insurance, although you get 21 days personal accident insurance with Gold licence it doesn’t sound like it would be much good as it doesn’t pay medical expenses and it only pays £25 per day you are in hospital, strangely enough you do get £10m third party insurance, that sounds like if you crash at Mega and take another rider out British Cycling will pay out for him getting air lifted out and all his medical bills but you get just £25 a day, is that right…

    Insurance Pt 2, if you have bought insurance who do you recommend, I’m looking at DogTag and base insurance is only £43.49, sounds good to me, is it a good option?

    Anything else thats needed to race and stay alive…

    Doctors note, do you still need one if you have Bronze provisional licence and do all doctors charge to give you a note.

    I think thats it, once again I apologise if I’m asking questions that have been asked before but I’m not certain of what to do and that drives me nuts.

    Premier Icon Simon

    I used a Bronze BC licence and Snowcard insurance when I did it in 2012.

    Whatever insurance you get make sure it covers you for racing.

    Most of the lads in my group had doctor’s notes…..some of them them were even genuine 😉


    I bought a silver BC membership and then added a proper race license to it. Race licenses are half price from the end of June (i.e. for 6 months). Its a doctors note OR a race license. I’ve been told a genuine doctors note is usually about £25, so cheaper than BC membership but no other benefit than letting you compete.

    I got a silver membership, full license for 6 months and Snowcard insurance. Snowcard will also allow you to insure your bike against theft. Was arounf £70. Its just not worth going for the cheap option. My mate dislocated his shoulder when he slipped pushing down some boardwalk.

    Both Dogtag and Snowcard have specific policies that cover competition racing – you can’t just pick the base option.

    Alternately, they sell insurance to cover you for the race at race sign in for about 20-30Euros IIRC. You’d stil need some insurance for ‘normal’ riding on other days though.

    Hob Nob

    Bronze is fine, all they check is you physically have a licence at the point of sign on, so take it with you.

    You can avoid it with the doctors letter (real, or fake!) or you can tick the ‘multi assurance’ box on sign up and pay a small fee as a waiver to all of the above.

    For actual insurance, I would pick something like Snowcard or Dogtag, a lot of people cover riding in the Alps, but not racing. They offer specific cover for racing, which will come in handy if you nail yourself and need a helilift out. Unless you fancy paying thousands of Euro’s for the privilege yourself.

    I wouldn’t worry about the 3rd party bit, come race day its carnage. If everyone stopped when they bumped into each other to exchange details, there wouldn’t be much of a race. Harsh as it sounds, it’s every man (or woman) for themselves. If you get taken out, chances are you won’t even know who did it, so you’re going to have to deal with it yourself.

    Otherwise, that’s it. Go have fun.


    I’ve raced abroad four times, 2010, twice in 2012 (all with Elite BC licence) and once in 2013 (no BC licence, bought an MTB Australia day licence).
    The first time I used Dogtag insurance, they were the cheapest cover for racing but the last few times I’ve used Snowcard, a bit more expensive but they provide cover for my bike too.
    Haven’t found anyone else who covers racing. Plenty of companies who will cover me to head out into the outback on my own for days on end but as soon as I’m on a designated route with loads of people around and full medical cover on site they don’t want to know…
    I’m doing the Mega for the first time this year. Looks like a ‘doctor’s note’ it is then…


    With the insurance it’s important to make sure you are covered for downhill racing, above 3000m and for heli-lifts. When I did it in 2012 I used snowcard, it was about £60.

    I got a doctor’s note, which cost nothing. All it does is say that they see no reason why you shouldn’t race. They might make you pay, but if they’re nice they won’t.

    Premier Icon hudders

    Thanks for all the comments they are very helpful, regarding the insurance, snow card gets mentioned a lot but I can’t seem to get a quote under £109 for the time we are away (12 days), dogtag can provide insurance for personal belongings for around £60 for up to £2000, although not enough to cover my bike but it’s better than nothing.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    there is an insurance deal eoffered through BC if you get the license
    (i just got bronze)

    It seemed the best price for alps, and racing, but i just wanted to call them and double check they cover the mega

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