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    There was no middle ground with it though, you either fully committed and hit it fast, manualling off the end & keeping the front light, or kept it very slow & precise. The problems came when people did neither – too slow for the former & too quick for the latter. Lots of nasty crashes there.

    I popped my Mega cherry this year. First run on first day we arrived, we started with the lower end of the quali from the middlestation, so it was basically straight into that section.
    I’d foolishly perhaps, shot off first in our group and got down that section clean more by luck than skill.
    My first thought after getting through the section was “I’m probably going to die if I have to race 30 minutes of this stuff”.
    Lets just say I was somewhat relieved that it wasn’t that tough all the way.

    Had to get off and run around the bottleneck of undecided on quali day though.


    I heard a lot of people say the section was easier after they took the bolder out – I didnt get to ride it in that state. I watched a lot of people riding it properly and they were hitting it full bore as people have said – looking completely out of control (although im sure most of them weren’t). I pride myself on riding most things but the combination of the speed required and resulting sketchiness really made me feel sick! Unfortunately riding it medium speed which was all I could force myself to do massively increased the risk of bailing. No sissy runs though please – its called Mega for a reason!

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    Is there any photo/video knocking about of the boardwalk/gap jump section you are talking about? I don’t remember any boardwalk except for a short piece across a sort of stream..

    Hob Nob

    This is it:


    Prime example of how not to do it!


    I think it’s fair enough to get off and scope it out if you haven’t ridden it before. I just think a few (well may be a lot) of riders who were unaware of how much they were hanging around and getting in the way.

    On the flip side I also saw riders who were very handy coming in too fast when they’d been warned that a rider was down and then crashed themselves.

    I think it’s just one of those bits of track that’s always likely to be congested on practise days and race days alike.

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    To the OP

    Either 140 or 160mm will be fine, As said before Dual Ply tyres are essential, dropper post very helpful and any low and slack bike will work (much more important than travel). A Zesty with angleset maybe so you have bike for home??

    I found that board walk section much easier BEFORE they removed that boulder. I was lucky enough to be out the week before so got some great practice runs in with no traffic. Used the boulder as a ‘berm’ to catch me after the drop and it worked great. The wheel sized hole the boulder removal created was a much trickier beast that needed speed and a leap of faith to navigate.

    Broken chain / mech meant no traffic issues for me on the race day 🙁

    Will be back next year. As will most of our group 🙂

    OP – Just do it. I seriously doubt you will be any where near the bottom of the skills list (huge array of abilities) and with a year to prep your will be in great shape 🙂 The hard section is maybe 4 mins of riding the rest is not much diffrent to your usual trail centre riidng (maybe on the tougher end of that spectrum though)

    All worked up again now. 🙂 11 months and counting 🙁


    If I can do it then anyone can.

    Simon – Member
    I went out to do the Mega this year, but didn’t even make it to the start of the qualifying race as I broke my thumb practising.

    Were you the chap with his hand in plaster on the train back from Hadleigh the other day? 🙂

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