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  • simster

    Got in to the Mega. Never done a downhill event in my life, so should be interesting!
    Looking for some advice on accomodation, is it best/easiest to stay in Alpe dHuez or Bourg d’Oisans. Whats the transport from Bourg to Alpe like, are there regualr lift or busses thoroughout the day? Also, anybody got any experience of camping v self catering and which place will have best nightlife!


    I would stay in Alpe or Oz Station myself.

    The events a giggle, although you do need a good sense of the ridiculous for the snow!

    See you there…

    Premier Icon steveh

    Best places to stay are either Alp D’Huez or allemont. Staying in Bourg or Oz is a bit awkward and doesn’t work as well. If you have transport allemont is great as you can finish the day with a big long ride all the way ot the bottom of the valley. allemont is good for camping as there is a nice little site.

    Many people just camp free by the lift station in alp d’huez but there aren’t any facilities. ADH is the only place with any nightlife!

    Oh and don’t worry about not having done a dh race, this isn’t one.


    where did you get the application from, quite fancy it myself.

    Premier Icon steveh

    You enter online via the avalanche cup website. Here in fact……etails&E=72929


    Link is not working 🙁

    we did it last year too. its the most amazing, terrifying, knackering, surreal thing you will do on 2 wheels. if your going to camp i would do it at Allemont. the campsite is right next to the shuttle bus stop up to oz. they have a real nice bar there too with a garden and trampoline! we stayed in bourg and getting up to alpe on the transfer shuttles was a pain to be honest. if we went again we would def stay in alpe itself. if you can afford it its the best bet for any kind of apre. there is nothing in bourg.
    if your driving i would recommened doing a bit of a road trip incorporating
    either morzine,les arc or les deux alps into the trip. apart from the qualifier and mega route there isnt’ that much riding in alpe.

    good luck

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    We stayed in Oz Station last year which was handy for the lifts but very quiet. You also have to get the bus up from Allemont if you ride to the bottom of the mountain which was a hassle last year as there weren’t enough buses to go round.

    Alpe D’Huez itself is meant to have a bit more of a nightlife but to be honest everyone I spoke to said it was pretty dead over there as well – it seems to have attracted a really serious crowd who were more into discussing their shock settings and going to be early than whooping it up.

    apart from the qualifier and mega route there isnt’ that much riding in alpe.

    Some of the waymarked trails are just rubbish fire roads but a few are excellent. We found a really good one out towards Villard-Reculas, just miles and miles of loamy switchbacks and not another soul on the trails.

    There was a cracking black trail down into Oz Station with loads of roots and rocks to keep you entertained. The old cart track down though Vaujany was fun too if not very hard.

    Premier Icon Brown

    Camping in Allemond works great. You get the bus up in the morning, and chill in your tent if there’s a wait/queue to get one back up and finish the day with a full run down the hill.

    Best of all for the mega is the fact that you finish the race by your tent – no queuing in sweaty/muddy gear for you!

    Last year there was a bike wash in the carpark opposite and the shop and boulangerie have everything you need.

    I’m camping there again this year.

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