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  • Sounds good to me Solarpowered – will drop you an e-mail and we can arrange a meet up maybe?

    Konaboy2275 – not sure why but can’t see your profile to get e-mail address?


    Jekkyl sounds like me too. Great to meet other transient souls too though. I’ve bumped into a few people off here and some cast iron/bullet-proof walkers of advanced age.


    Manchester Mountain Bikers

    Manchester, GB
    250 Members

    Please see below for joining instructions.We are a friendly and diverse club dedicated to mountain biking. As the name suggests we are based in the Manchester area, but we ri…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    It’s dclamb2275 at hotmail dot com 🙂

    Not to sound too needy but is there a possibility of me getting in on this marple group riding? 🙂


    all comers welcome. see my profile for details of the mailing list. DOn’t think I’ll be out this week but it’s not definite yet.

    Oh, and the Monday night club share the same roots as the marple riders, the very hazy days of the southmanchestermassive, so similar rules apply. See if you can guess which…

    Thanks nbt! Take it its the yahoo group?

Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)

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