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  • glupton1976

    i used to get coccyx pain a fair bit. turned out that I was just letting myself drop into chairs and thats what was causing it.

    stopped doing that and had no pain since.

    try the usual treatments.


    Possibly constipation,try fruit, and then gp, if pain doesnt go.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    the usual treatments…. being?

    Have sat on frozen peas and taken pain killers to little avail.

    You need anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen or diclofenac. Failing that, you can have it removed but I wouldn’t recommend it. Long recovery!


    Anti-inflammatories as they ^ said.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    I noticed during last week that my coccyx was sore, thought nothing of it and put it down to recent running training. But when it started getting uncomfortable I figured I haven’t bashed it and running shouldn’t really make it sore. If anything it’s getting worse doing nothing (not run this week).

    I’m going to get to the docs, but has anyone else had this from no noticable cause? Maybe it’s the way I sit?

    I have a marathon to run next week and this is latest in a line of niggles putting it in doubt :-/

    Premier Icon cr500dom

    I broke mine again slipping off pedals when setting off on the road bike and slamming down on the Plastic nose of the saddle 🙁

    (I broke it once before snowboarding)

    This was 2 weeks ago 10 miles in to a 70 mile sportive !!

    GP prescribed 2 weeks off the bike at least (Hes also a cyclist) and 4 weeks of painkillers and anti inflammatories (Co-Dydramol and Naproxen)

    Then go back if its still causing problems
    Next step apparently would be Pain clinic for injections, and if that doesn’t work then Re-setting it under anaesthetic.

    Last time I broke it, it took 3 years before I could sit down on all surfaces without noticing it, im hoping this will be a bit quicker to heal…..

    Had most of this weekend off pain relief but now back in work and needed to take some this morning

    FWIW Normal pain relief wasn’t cutting it in this instance which I why I went to the GP 2 days later

    Get well soon, I quite literally feel your pain 😥

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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