Medical Advice please

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  • Medical Advice please
  • I know I should probably go to the doctors but…
    Not using google as I ended up thinking That I may have leukaemia last one I was ill. ( I did post a thread and received great advice)

    When i drink sweet alcohol drinks I get an intense stomach ache shortly after. Last time was when I had two bottles of Sumer fruit cider. I was working away and in a hotel and I had to lie on the bed for about an hour. I have just had some mulled wine and now have the same pain again.
    I have ITP and don’t drink alcohol anymore and it can’t be just the sugar content. I greedily drunk a whole Carton of clementine just yesterday.

    Wife calls me a Scottish fairy who can’t handle my drink anymore. When I was a drinker it was always pints and spirits were allways without mixers.
    Anybody help?

    Cat Ebola AIDS.

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    It does sound like you are a bit off colour.

    Perhaps you should try a tonic?

    Wife calls me a Scottish fairy who can’t handle my drink anymore.

    That must surely hurt more than your stomach pains.


    Squat over a mirror and check for dilation of the anal bud ………is it dilated ?

    Yes ! ……..youre fxxked pal !

    Can no-one help the poor laddie? We need to get him back on the Babycham as soon as possible. 😀

    How much Gaviscon do you need to drink to get pissed ffs?

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    Its very acidic..
    Might be worth getting checked for an ulcer


    Or cirrhosis……..


    I developed alcoholic gastritis after a particularly overindulgent skiing holiday with free wine every night. Since then, I get pretty awful upper abdominal pain whenever I drink more than 4 or 5 units in a sitting, or more than 2 evenings in a row. Lansoprazole makes it better, when I remember to take it.

    Bottom line – see your GP about it. As above, could also be ulcer related.

    All very funny apart from

    [/quote]Suggsey – Member
    Or cirrhosis……..

    I`ll get to the doctor, a few symptons simmillar to ITP 😯

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