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  • Mech tuning advice
  • Premier Icon somouk
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    Hi All,

    I recently swapped wheels to a new set. Same mech and cassette but now I can’t get the big cog when changing gear. The shifter will shift up to it so I don’t think it’s a limit screw issue but as soon as it gets up to the cog it crunches and drops down some gears again.

    Anyone got any ideas? It’s an 11 speed XT rear mech on an SLX cassette.

    Otherwise the gears are working okayish, I can change between them if anything it may be a little sluggish but that’s about it.

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes
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    Worn jockey wheels/bearings?

    Premier Icon joebristol
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    Different hub / hub spacing? Assuming it’s the same chain / cassette / chainring then it has to be related to the spacing I’d have thought, if nothing else has changed.

    I’d disconnect the cable from the mech and shift the mech by hand to make sure it goes up to the biggest gear ok like that. If it does then connect the mech and tweak accordingly. If it doesn’t, then limit and b screw could need some attention.

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    Does the new hub require spacers or if you have some maybe it doesn’t?

    No change to the chainring?

    Could be a chainline issue where the chain is being pulled off the big cog. Might be affected by different positioning of the cassette. Though I’d expect limit screw adjustment required also.

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    I would set the gears up as if just installed and start from stage one and work through. As per Shimano spec sheets or online videos. All gears need to be shifting great, not “ok”.

    That said,I would think the lowest gear issue IS the limiter screw slightly out or the b limit screw as noted above.
    Like I said though,I would start from fresh and set up as if the mech had just been fitted.

    If issues after that then mech hanger alignment etc is worth checking.

    Premier Icon mtbtomo
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    Sounds like it just needs some cable adjustment. As per Joe’s post, check the mech will actually move in line with the top sprocket and then set up the cable

    Premier Icon somouk
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    So I spent a bit of time last night on this and decided to start work through and check everything.

    Turned out to just need the cable tightening and a small adjustment to the H screw to get it into the big cog. Now shifts up lovely but a bit sloppy on the down shift so think I might need to reduce the tension on the cable a little.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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