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  • Just had the best meat pie since my Mum died (cos she made the most awesomest pies) from our local butcher. Went in & there he was trimming the pastry on a steak & ale pie ready for the oven. So I bought 4 & had them with chips, peas & gravy tonight. I’m still salivating at the thought of the next one. Or two.

    Tell us about your meat pies!

    EDIT. I didn’t eat all 4 pies, just 1 1/2.

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    mmmmm pies, picked up a couple today from the wee pie co,
    Venison and black pudding, and mutton with rosemary. mmmmmmm


    hah! amateurs, I bet you paid a fortune for them pies.. I just found this in the reduced to clear section..

    the dogs bollocks πŸ˜€

    Damn you Yunki! Bet it was like, 20p!!

    In tiny letters on the back “May contain 100% horse”

    Hmmm…a Dogs Bollocks Pie, cunningly described as pork.


    You can’t beat a steak pie from mhor in Callander.

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    I haven’t had a pie since I was diagnosed as a coeliac πŸ™ I miss pies, I miss food. Gluten free tastes of shite!
    I think it’s time for some intentional glutening!

    I really enjoy making pies. Used suet for a proper steamed steak and kidney recently, easier than I thought with great results of light pastry with oozing, rich and gravy. Making hand raised pork pies today with the goal being peppery pastry. Will be scoffing them alongside homemade cider and honey mustard.
    Feeling hungry now.

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    Cottage Pie , Dearham ,Cumbria. nom nom nom.
    Treat yourself to a bit of “slab”.


    Steak Pie from Farmer Copley’s Farm Shop nr Pontefract.
    Not had one less than Nom Nom Nom in over 7 years.
    Mouths watering thinking about them!

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    I make my own pork pies,being a butcher i have the goodies to hand .

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    the dogs bollocks

    Probably very true !

    If you turned it over and read the ingredients it says:

    “No animals were harmed in the production of this Tesco Value Pie”

    The next time you are in Nidderdale. If Kendalls are doing their individual game pies (rabbit, pigeon & pheasant last time I had one) then they are not to be missed.

    Picked up a pork and Stilton pie from Westmorland on my way back up the road yesterday, think it was from these folk (it’s long gone now) – most agreeable.

    Can’t beat a good pie. I hate being palmed off with a stew with a pastry top in a ‘gastro pub’ when I’ve ordered a meat pie off the menu. Unless it’s Fish, Cottage or Shepard’s Pie, if I order a Pie I expect it to be encased in pastry.

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    It’s actually against the law to drive past Westmorland without stocking up on pies. Or if it’s not, it should be!

    A good pie is a thing of beauty and awe! On a controversial, non-carnivorous pasty product front, the landlord of the pub near us (the Major in Ramsbottom) makes the best cheese and onion pie in the known universe. It’s so full of tangy Lancashire cheese tastiness you could actually weep with joy while eating it

    He also makes proper babies heads, which are also a joy to behold!

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    You swine! Right off to the poundshop for a Frey Bentos Corned Beef pie. Damn I love them.
    Goodbye diet.

    i have some hot water crust (pork pie style) pies that i made in the week. first go at that kind of pastry and i nailed it.
    they are full of pheasant, bacon and leek. with a blackcurrant spiked gravy set into a jelly.
    just got in from a ride round whytes and im gonna scoff a whole one

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    *Notes location of OPs famed purveyor of fine pies*

    *Plans short ride to Boroughbridge from Harrogate*


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    Please be assured that we can buy top quality pies Dahn Saaarf. πŸ˜€


    Pukka pie, chips and curry sauce.

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    Chips with pie FFS 😯



    Had venison pie from beautiful mountain for dinner yesterday but for te most part shove yer pies. Its all about flemings steak an gravy bridies! The shandy drinking southerners winnae get it but the scots will agree- lovely thin the bridie.

    Good mid ride snack if ouw ere doing the tour of angus πŸ™‚ and anyone thats done the snow roads will know the restoritive power of the farfir bridies alex gets in for the hall at the end.

    My lad stayed over a mate’s last night who’s dad is a bit of a game hunter and fed them pheasant pie for dinner. He had made a few extra and gave me one when I went to pick the boy up and my wife and I had it for Sunday lunch. My god. Lovely.


    C G is right about laverstock pies…. Mmmmmmmm curry chicken one is fab mid ride munchies….

    Greens meat and tatie
    Leslies steak
    Greenodd pork and black pudding

    Here endeth the lesson.

    C-G I take it you are not familiar with the delights of the ‘pie-barm’?

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    C G is right about laverstock pies…. Mmmmmmmm curry chicken one is fab mid ride munchies..

    The buffalo is mighty fine too. πŸ˜€

    OK confession time – their buffalo milk ice cream turns me into a right greedy pig, it is so bloomin’ delicious. 8)

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    C-G I take it you are not familiar with the delights of the ‘pie-barm’?

    Er, is this Scottish? Or Northern?

    Sorry, I’m a Southerner! πŸ™‚


    Next time you’re in Keswick, try the steak pies at Thomasons Butchers …. fantastic (& almost as good as the famous Cow Pie at the George Hotel).
    But the real gem at Thomasons is the Game Pastie ! They never seem to have many of them, so they sell out fast – When we asked the proprieters (who we refer to as Phil & Grant, as they bear an uncanny resemblance to the Mitchell brothers !?!), what was in the pasties, they just said “whatever they had collected from the roadside on the way in to work that morning”.
    Clearly not true in these days of rather strict food hygiene , but we still go in and ask for a “Roadkill Pastie” to set us up for a days riding.

    Meat pie, possibly with a few chips, in a bun. Definitely not scottish although admittedly battering it and frying could well be tbe coup de gras

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Lol @ roadkill pastie. 😯

    thestabiliser – that sounds very filling!

    Premier Icon shadowrider

    Hungry Joes fiery hot chilli pie, it is just amazing

    living in Wigan I should be the last word on pies…(Wiganners are known as pie eaters). but I’m a geordie and not that fond of them. Far too healthy..

    but let’s try this….

    Wigan Kebab – Pie on a stick.

    How do you know if a Wigan bird’s had an orgasm? She’ll drop her pie.

    I’ll get my coat


    Another Wigan pie joke for you…

    What is the definition of a balanced diet in Wigan?

    A pie in each hand!!


    A mate introduced me to traditional Yorkshire sporting nutrition: a growler at about half way. It’s like the pork pies you get everywhere else, only it’s concentrated.

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    There is a little bakers pie shop in Morecambe – Thurwells – that does the most amazing pies. Not at all fancy or posh but the pies a superb.

    The Potato and Meat has a bisuity crumble to its shortcrust pastry that can only be achieved by some hideously unhealthy lard or dripping type fat. This is the perfect winter warmer of a pie and teaches the impatient a painful lesson with a scolded toungue – they are pipping hot! The filling is a good balance of meat and diced potato.

    The Steak and Kidney also has amazing shortcrust pastry but it is more flakey than the Potatoe and Meat. Rich and meaty inside…mmm


    Made my first pie for tea last night – steak, parmesan and mushroom. Actually did made the filling on saturday night and left it to cool before assembling the pie yesterday. Got to say it was very lovely and shall def be doing again…. even the kids liked it!

    Hired a canal boat for a trip on the Llangollen Canal, dureing which we stopped off at Ellesmere in Shropshire, and on the recommendation of the guide book sampled the pork pies at Vermeulens. Lovely. In fact, being at the helm of a canal boat, driving through Shropshire, vermueln’s pie and cup of tea to hand – bliss.

    non of the pies mentioned are meat pies. they are just different flavour pies or puddings. this is a meat pie…
    and the king of which is the Cissy Green of Haslingden. true fact.


    meat – the name given to unidentifiable stuffing in a pie from various animals ….

    park and rob in port harcourt, nigeria wins “most un identifiable meat pie”

    hah! amateurs, I bet you paid a fortune for them pies.. I just found this in the reduced to clear section..

    the dogs bollocks

    Yunki – Tesco stopped using the Stripy Value packaging in April, that pie will be months old. Lol πŸ˜†

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