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  • meals during the week for work…
  • scotia
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    At my work we have a small kitchen with a micrwave, and around us there are several little shops and some retaurants (but they are expensive).

    I like to make things in advance and use our freezer…but im now running out of ideas..

    any good ideas that i can bake?

    I like everything..

    lets hear it then…

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    Well I’ve just scoffed a bowl of veg and sweetcorn soup that I made last night. Took about 30 mins tops and there’s enough to feed about 8 or 10 people for about 4 quid.

    2 x small carrots chopped
    1/4 cabbage sliced
    3 chunks of sweet potato
    a piece of pumpkin
    a few stray green beens from the fridge
    sweetcorn (2 little tins)
    Bit of single cream
    Salt and Pepper

    Boiled all except the sweetcorn in just enough water to cover it for about 20 mins or until just softening.

    Blitzed with hand blender

    Back on the heat and add sweetcorn

    Couple of minutes to let the corn heat through and then blitz again so that it’s still a tiny bit coarse.

    Stir in a bit of cream and hey presto.

    Loads in the freezer and some for dinner today with a chunk of crusty bread!

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    I used to knock up a massive pan of pasta sauce every once in a while and put it into freezer bags, it’d give me about 8 portions. Take one out the freezer the night before then in the morning cook the pasta, dump in the sauce, take to work and then it’d be 5 mins on Nuke at lunchtime.

    Other one was to part cook a jacket potato in the morning then give it 5 mins in the microwave and add whatever toppings you prefer – I used to keep tins of baked beans and a pack of cheese at work for that very purpose.

    Soup – endless varieties to make yourself.

    Rice or cous-sous dishes work well in the microwave, make up double portions of whatever you happen to be eating for tea that night, the rest can go with you the next day for lunch.
    My local Indian takeaway does massive portions so if I ever had a takeaway meal (usually a Sunday night), I’d eat half then, the other half would be Monday’s lunch and I reheated the naan bread in the toaster at work.

    It’s always worth keeping a pack of pitta bread or similar at work as well, good for snacks or just buy some fillings from the supermarket/local deli as and when.

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    anything with rice, from the night before as rice is happy in the microwave. I take left over currys and chillies, much to the displeasure of my collegues

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    I tried this:

    alright if you don’t mind spending £3.50 on a few small portions of nuts, fruit and other oddments.

    suppose it would be good for someone who needed to have a strict diet?

    I got bored with it after I ended up with a couple of moldy tomatos, they gave me a free box and £4.00 credit but I dunno, it wasn’t for me.

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    Those bags of rice for about 50p from tesco with the various flavours, or a ready made risotto – same kind of price. Cook them the night before, put them in a plastic tub and nuke them with a dessertspoon of water at work.

    Oh – and sushi – it rocks for lunch. Filling, super healthy and people give you funny looks and think you’re very adventurous. Or Japanese.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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