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  • crush83

    The back Story to this vid is that someone altered an obstacle on the croft trail in Swindon by removing a large stone at the top of it. All obstacles have to be council approved (it’s just the rules) one of the club committee members simply asked if anyone knew where it had gone and who had moved it. Basically an argument ensued with the committee member being called a trail Hitler. And this light hearted vid followed

    MB Swindon – Case of the Missing Stone: http://youtu.be/8vATEceMYgc


    Not sure Hitler would be so lax over the wheel size debate 🙂


    Have to say, IMO removing an obstacle/feature on a trail because you can’t ride it is a bit of a complete **** trick!


    All obstacles have to be council approved

    it’s precisely this sort^^^ of namby pamby elf ‘n safety rubbish that’s ruining our fine country!! (imo)


    +1 what ninfan said. Had similar here with newer riders complaining that a popular (completely natural) trail was too hard and that we should sanitise it. Those who use it regularly pointed out that there were plenty of other trails on which they could build up the skills needed, and that as the trail runs through a nature reserve we only have the right to ensure a basic level of access (clearing fallen trees and such). Much huffing ensued and a pretty respectable flounce by one guy who swore off cycling forever because of our horrendously conservative attitude.

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    Let me guess… It’s another ‘hilarious’ Downfall parody?

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    Brilliant video 🙂

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