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  • grum

    Looking at a ski trip to Mayrhofen – anyone know how late the free ski bus/train runs from Ramsau to Mayrhofen and back again in the evenings? Looking at cheapo B+B in Ramsau but I don’t know how much there is there in terms of restaurants/bars etc.

    Can’t get on google on the stupid public wifi I’m on at the mo.



    Come on hive mind! You can do this!


    We went to Mayrhofen last year off peak for a walking holiday. It was a Thompson package. You could try asking in one of the Thompson shops or ring them.

    Also, is this link any good?

    Timetables – Mayrhofen

    (nice place – good mountain biking).


    We were there in Septembe and it was shoulder season so quiet, but the buses were great and seemed to run quite late

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    Hey, I went to there two years ago. The trains ran late as they were commuter trains running between small towns. the buses, can’t remember, but I found the resort a little hectic with buses and everything. The one main lift up to the slopes i(and down) was irritating too.

    The park is amazing, as is the resort , and also the nearby resorts which are included in the lift pass. But with the lift and the buses I don’t know if I’d go back.

    I think most of the buses stop not long after the lifts in winter – nearly got caught out in Hintertux a few years ago. There’ll be cheap B&Bs in Mayrhofen too – most tour companies call them snow houses I think, or try ringing the tourist office direct. If you get away from the main drag, it’ll be nice a quiet, the skiing there is fab, especially if you use the buses to go further afield.

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    Last train from ramsau is at about 8pm, last bus is at 22:00. Failing that Taxi Kroell will sort you out for not many euro indeed (it’s not france!). I think Christopherous Reisen have late running coaches from Innsbruck to Tux that stop at Ramsau and Mayrhofen. If you’ve got a few ales in you I’ve seen plenty of people walking along the back road DO NOT USE THE MAIN ROAD – IST VERBOTEN!

    EDIT: D’oh, wrong direction. Some day I’lll learn to read things properly. About 8pm from Mayrhofen for the train, 19:15 for the bus.


    We were there in Feb last year and stayed in Finkenberg. We found the buses to be useless from Mayrhofen upto Finkenberg. They were pretty frequent until the lifts shut then they drop to 1 per hour and stopped at 7 or 8. Some buses are incl in your lift pass and some aren’t but you must be in your ski kit and with skis or board or you’ll get charged or maybe not depending on the driver.

    Not sure what’s in Ramsau but Finkenberg had maybe 3 bars/restaurants which get a bit repetitive. Going into mayrhofen meant a taxi as the buses were too irregular and didn’t run late.

    Skiing at the hintertux glacier is awesome as was zell am ziller but poor buses make it a chore. Wasn’t that impressed by the skiing in mayrhofen itself. I wouldn’t go back.


    Thanks everyone. I’ve been before but never had cause to get a late bus as we were in Mayrhofen itself. The cheapest deal I’ve seen is in Ramsau though. Sounds like it might be a bit of a faff in the evenings unless we get taxis.

    I wasn’t that impressed with the boarding in Mayrhofen itself but really liked Zell am Ziller.

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