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  • Maxxis Shorty Gen 2 review: the best just got better
  • singletrackross
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    After waiting the best part of a year for a Maxxis Shorty Gen 2, I managed to get one and quickly put it through its paces.

    By singletrackross

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    Maxxis Shorty Gen 2 review: the best just got better

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    Mmmm, Shorty 2 with a DH casing, pretty much the best soft condition tire for going down. Add a tire liner, drop your pressures by about 5psi and experience riding on a rail.

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    So I guess the one question I have is, is it as good or better at the really manky stuff? All the other improvements sound great but I wouldn’t trade away an ounce of performance at the shitty end of a scottish enduro swamp, for a pound of performance in the dry…

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    Think the Mk1’s i fitted last year on the winter wheels still have a winter left in them, the negatives are always rolling resistance and wear, if it’s not soft then they wear horrifically in maxx grip, Mk2 sounds good as well, not a huge amount of change, lets hope they’re not over 100 quid when i need to buy one next!

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    I bet it’s good but at that price I’ll never know.

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    I had a double down one on the front for the worst of winter.

    Amazing grip, amazing drag.

    I’m not sad it’s got drier and I’ve gone back to summer rubber

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