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  • Premier Icon ahwiles

    yes, i’m surprised how grippy they are off-road, considering they’re basically a slick tyre.

    Light too.

    a friend of mine just used a larsen on the rear to finish top-50 at the kielder enduro…

    DMR moto Diggers are a bit more grippy, a bit heavier, a bit slower on the road.


    Look up the Intense system 4(?) and Kenda small block as well. First ride last weekend (rear only tho- I wouldnt trust one on the front)- It locked up easily when I braked (HOWEVER it didnt slide).


    Larsen TTs are brilliant tyres, but not as fast rolling on Tarmac as you would expect.


    I’d second what kingtut said.

    I’d look at the Kenda small block 8’s, summer tire only, coz they’re shite in the mud.


    After a real set of on and off-road tyres, although off-road would typically be paths through woods and fireroads.

    Looking for low rolling resistance on the harder surfaces and still a bit of grip on gritty hard-pack.

    Larsen worth a look?

    Premier Icon veedubba

    The exception version doesn’t like rocks particularly, but apart from that the TT is excellent and I was very surprised at the diversity of terrain that it can handle.

    merlin have them cheap, i was tempted myself but after reading mixed reviews went for the more widely rated small block 8s. 1.95s are at a good price from crc.


    Got a set from merlins shop after the recomendation of the wooly hat wearing lad there, great tyres, fast, good grip, and shed mud well.

    Premier Icon DezB

    What Kingtut said. Must add that on wet wood (bridges, roots etc) they (Larsens) can be scarey. Unless you like those unepected sideways moments.
    Mine will be going back on as soon as the weather gets more stable.


    On my commuter which I also use off road once or twice a week and I am using Smart Sams they seem to be grippy enough to make it around Ashton Court/Leigh woods in the week as well as doing the 6 or 7 miles to work on the tarmac.

    Mind you saying that, I am currently trying a land cruiser on the back, and I can live with that in the mud as well, you just go a bit slower and learn to cope with the odd slip and worked pretty well in the snow as well.


    I currently have a SB8 on the back, which is supposedly quite similar to a Larsen. Experiences similar to others (recreational XC type riding) :-

    Tarmac – Ok, but probably not as fast as you would expect
    Hardpack – Feels fast
    Mud – Not as good as a wider spaced tyre, but can cope with the odd patch of mud

    I am using it on the back at the moment, with a Nevegal up front, and i’m happy. I wouldn’t use it in very muddy conditions, and I wouldn’t use it up front unless almost all of a ride was dry. I will probably be using it as my front summer tyre though.


    A combo that I can recommend and used at the HONC (a fair bit of tarmac as well as off road), is a WTB Vulpine in the rear and a WTB Nanoraptor on the front, very very fast.


    Second what others have said – Fast on hardpack, not as fast on the road as you’d think, ok for the odd bit of mud. Mine performed great on Sunday at the Enduro 6.

    I’m not sure if the LUST version is any different due to the compounds. There is also the Mimo version – though have no idea what thats like!

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