Maxxis Ignitor (2.1) – any opinions?

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  • Maxxis Ignitor (2.1) – any opinions?
  • as above folks – anyone have an opinion? are they worth a go? are they low volume 2.1's etc….




    I've used these tyres for my Rocky Mountain Slayer for about 2 years in both standard and LUST flavours. I like the tyres and find they offer me good grip and speed throughout the year in all conditions. I have ridden them in Wales at CYB, Penmachno, Marin Trail with no complaints.

    cool – what do you think about the volume are the big/small 2.1s?

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    Recently fitted them to the front and rear on my Blur and they are excellent.


    Run the 2.35s LUSTS very nice tyres. Will probably swap down to the 2.1s shortly.


    Run a 2.1 on the front of my full susser, great tyre for most conditions, roll pretty well on the road too.

    t-p 26

    Survived a raging across the south of France last year in the 2.35 form


    Bigger than avg volume, very underated tyres in dry rocky terrain, and suprising light for their toughness.


    running 2.35 ust's.Excellent all round/year tyre.


    Great all rounder on the front, prefer an ADvantage or crossmark on the back.


    Had a 2.1 which was pretty small in my opinion, so changed to 2.35 and love them

    Loads of us in the Woollybacks ( use them and really rate them for Northern riding. (Rivi / Dele / Peaks / Lakes) a good all rounder tyre (if such a thing exists!)


    Ok for speed, ok in the dry, fragile sidewalls, let go a bit unpredictably on wet slabs I found Aspens way better all rounder and Hi Rollers better for rougher terrain.


    I've got both 2.35" and 2.1" exception series Ignitors, cracking tyres in the dry and on single track, not exaclty my fave on rocks but bloody good tyres.

    Light, fast, and go up easy on ghetto tubeless too.

    Not as big as newer Maxxis or normal Schwalbe tyres in volume though

    fragile and not too grippy in the peak

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    Went to 2.35 on the front, has a more chunky tread pattern, (fewer ramps, obviously less important to have low rolling resistance in a larger volume tyre) but stuck with 2.1 out back. I think they are lower volume than other brands of the same size, (2.35 way smaller than the on-one cheapy Michelin Dry 2.3) but my choice for all round riding.


    2.1 Exceptions here front and back for the last year or so. I find them slightly small for a 2.1 . They work very well in Swinley's dry sandy soil. Front rails well if you keep it weighted, rear drifts predictably – light and roll fast too. I'm guessing they wouldn't cope well with mud/clay soil types.

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    I have a 2.1 one on the back and a high roller on the front and find its an excellent combo, long XC, sloppy winter night rides, dry trail centres. I've got some continentals on the bike now but find it a bit sketchy so might dig out the MAXXIS again

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